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Monday, 30 January 2012

Favourite mascara of the moment.

Hey guys.. happy monday! and yay, that means tomorrow is tuesday which means I'm 17 tomorrow!
Today I'm gonna be giving you the secret to my luscious lashes.. LOL (not.) what i will be telling you is what mascara i am using and loving as of now.
 I started using L'oreal's mascara 'volume million lashes' after i heard a great review from fleurdeforce,which is linked just in case you don't know of her from you tube,which I'm sure you do, i heard she loved it a few months back and by the look of her lashes, i decided it looked pretty darn good and wanted to try it for myself.

Its now been a few months since i first started wearing this mascara. first thoughts were Wow. what a dramatic difference it was, compared to my old favourite maybelline volume express one by one mascara. i had used that for well over a year and was welcoming a good old change.

The wand is nice, it has plastic bristles, which I'm a neutral fan of. I'm really not fussy if the bristles are plastic or not, i just care if the mascara works if I'm honest! it claims not just to volumise,but millionize your lashes for a 'maxed-up, fanned-out effect'

I love the packaging. i think it looks expensive but not OTT.
Personally i think the claims are slightly exaggerated.. shock horror.. but what makeup brand doesn't exaggerate things?! it defiantly fans out your lashes, and adds crazy amount of volume and length to them, without them being extra clumpy(my opinion)

But what do you think? see for yourself :P
Gosh, please ignore the bald patch in my lashes. i have no idea why that's there, there were just no lashes to put mascara on to?! I'm pretty sure they're all back when I'm actually writing this post... weird.
As you can see, the mascara gives you a massive amount of volume and length. i like to have really quite full lashes on a day to day basis. so this mascara is absolutely spot on for my every day mascara. i have been using it now for roughly 2 months and i still love it just as much as i did the first time i put it on. the mascara is still going strong, there seems to be plenty left and it hasn't dried out yet what so ever. although i guess i should think about replacing this soon for hygiene reasons..

Its not the cheapest drugstore mascara at around £11. But for me, its worth every penny.

I love trying out new mascaras, so if you've got any suggestions please leave them down below :)

Hope you enjoyed.

Ella martine.xxxx

Saturday, 28 January 2012

My week, In Pictures :)

Hello, i hope you're all well and have had a lovely week. I've seen quite a few post now, containing 'My week in pictures' and i find them quite enjoyable to read,well, see. so i thought I'd do one myself out of the pictures i have taken through out the week.

This week has been pretty hectic. its the first week I've been back at dance college doing pretty much everything in months! so that's good. we started off the week doing
  • plenty of ballet and point work
  • I've eaten about 5 creme eggs this week.. oh why does the Easter stuff have to come out so damn early?! i am weak willed when it comes to creme eggs. very weak willed..
  • valentines day is coming up.. and when i got home i saw this lovely rose on the table! what a surprise, it wasn't for me.. but when is it ever for me? haha, i thought it was pretty anyway :P
  • love coming home on weekends as teddy's always so excited to see me. cutie.
  • arabesque's in my landlady's lounge in onsies - always fun.;)
  • Now, i felt the need to add something slightly beauty related. This, is my every day red lipstick.. yes, lipstick! and its shaped like lips.. genius. unfortunately i have no idea where my mother got this from. but i dread the day it runs out as this is my most perfect lipstick ever <3
  • for the past week, well, month really, i have been absolutely addicted to the Hunger games. amazing book, although it has been stopping my early nights as i just cannot put it down!
  • And Finally, to end the week off On a rubbish note . i have now got a swollen ankle and cannot walk on it, yet alone dance. I'd tore the ligaments in it a year or 2 ago, and now its just playing up again. always the way, just getting back into things and yet another obstacle gets in my way.. Oh well!

 To finish off this post, i thought id share this stunning picture my auntie took. shame she lives in America.. i would do anything to be somewhere like that right now!

How has your week been, and what posts would you like to see from me in the upcoming week?

P.S- Birthday on Tuesday! :P

Ella' Martine xxxx

Monday, 23 January 2012

Pink,Blue and a New lipstick too!

Hey Guys, check this.. first makeup look,like,ever posted. how exciting ;)

I got A new lipstick by NYC as i was getting my medication in the chemist the oher day, i Can never resist the makeup stands while waiting to get my weekly dose up ;) 
i instantly fell in love with this lipstick.. the colour is Called Blue Rose, which suites it perfectly as  although you cant tell in the photos, it has a slight blue/purple tint reflex thing going on, so i decided to play on that with the eyes :P

OK, so I'm defiantly no makeup artist. but i don't think this looks too awful? please correct me if I'm wrong, otherwise ill be going round thinking my makeup looks great when actually i look like a drag queen.. i do love to mess about with makeup in my spare time, and at one point wanted to be a makeup artist as my second career choice,that won't happen.. i just liked the thought as my auntie is one in America (<3)
I'd defiantly rock this look on a night out.. but for day to day i think ill be sticking to my winged eyeliner ;)

Haha i hate seeing my skin close up in a picture. you can see every little flaw. lovely

On my eyes i am wearing a blue and purple eyeshadow from an elf pallet.pretty good quality seeing as i got it for free when i ordered over 15 quid. deal?!
i left my face pretty bare, with foundation and just a light flush of blush ,as the eyes are heavy and i don't want to look like one big cakey mess.
This will, I'm sure, be another truly loved lipstick added to my (ever growing) collection, i may do a full review on it in the near future. would you like one?

What do you think of this look? Love or Loath? and please let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this, or if not, what you would like to see?

Love you all :P

Ella'Martine xxxx

Friday, 20 January 2012

Bleached jeans & Red Lips.

Head band- market. cardigan-charity shop.jeans-HouseOfFraser( by the brand 'Lable') and Boots from clarks (so comfy) OH,and my bracelet is a head band wrapped around my wrist.

Hi guys :)
Got home from college today, then went dentist ( so if my lips look abit swollen,that's why!) and for the rest of the day I've just been looking in my wardrobe and creating new outfits from things i never wear. and this is my Fav :) I wear the shoes all the time, i don't know if you can tell, but there pretty battered.

I got the jeans a year ago, off house of Fraser, and when i got them in the mail i didn't particularly like them.Im so glad i kept them now though ,because i love them and almost forgot i had them! Oh how your style can change.

The cardigan is originally from Dorothy Perkins, and underneath is a crop top/bandu type top, that i'v never had the chance to wear yet. its from H&M, and I'm sure i will be wearing it properly in the summer so you can see what it looks like.

I will be adventuring into the unworn clothes of my wardrobe throughout this winter and summer, because i never realised how nice some of my clothes actually are!

Hope your having a lovely day.

Ella'Martine xxxx

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hand me downs, But lets just call them vintage?

Hello :) so,as you may have guessed iv been given these bags, which are actually my mums.. i come home to find a bunch of new bags in my wardrobe,then mum came in and said she never wore them anymore, so i can have them.. result?! if I'm honest, i love hand me downs. i used to get them alot from older friends growing up, but seeing as me and my friends are pretty much fully grown now, and the fact that I'm taller than alot of my friends, i don't get any anymore :(

...Not until these baby's anyway

 Now I'm being abit of a useless blogger today, as i cant tell you where any of these bags are from.. but i guess that doesn't matter as most are over 15 years old anyway, so you wouldn't find them anymore i guess.

This is a small ish bag, with a brown shoulder strap and beige leather ..bagness bit.. its got a zip on the front and A few pocket zips inside they'r always handy. I've never even seen my mum wear this bag. so its either so old that i don't remember, or she just never wore it

Next! this is a normal to big sized black bag.. just in case you cant see that for yourself.. :') I really like this bag actually and can see myself getting a fair bit of use out of it, as i currently don't own any other black bags. real leather,which is always nice for me, it has a nice interior,with a zip to put all your bits and bobs in.

Now this.. i can most defiantly vouch for, is not vintage.. or old.. or used at all. my mum was given it by somebody this summer and has never used it so gave it to me. i, on the other hand, i always liked it and wanted to get the same my self. its from primark by the way. most defiantly a summer bag to shove a few bits in and go out with. lightweight -which i love for summer, obviously not real leather (can you even get real leather from primark?!) But i will be getting loads of use out of this this summer,which may i add, i would love to hurry up!

 Last but not least is my favourite bag of the hand me down day! you might have seen this in my previous post 'Leopard print for nando's'
i love this, don't know why my mum didn't wear it more often! its leather and a gorgeous Brown/red colour which i cant explain and which isn't coming out particularly well on camera (useless blogger example 2) it has 2 little zip pockets either side, which i put my lipsticks in, and it has a few on the inside too. it does brand its self as prada, which i highly doubt as it was brought abroad.. but that doesn't really affect how much i like the bag in its self anyway. love it.

Do you like any of these bags? whats your favourite and when was the last time/have you ever had a hand me down? id love to know

Ella martine xxxx

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Leopard print for Nando's ;)

Hey guys, this is just a quick outfit of the day that i thought I'd post on this rather delightful Sunday.(did you sence the sarcasm?) by delightful i mean the sort of 'Im still in my pj's and haven't even started packing to go back to kent' kinda delightful. Yes, its the end of my weekend at home and tonight I'm off back to Kent for dance college, and lets just say I'm not too buzzing. :P

Friday night i went to Nando's with a few friends. Ooo i love nando's, im not a spicy food lover, i mean, id love to be. but i just cant handle it and it ends up making my face go red and my eyes run. not attractive. so i just stick to the cool stuff ;)

Top-primark. jeans- Miss selfridge. i wore my primark shoes that are featured in a post HERE.

yet another picture of me in my bathroom.. sorry about that.

So as you can see, i do like abita leopard print, so i thought id wear this blouse, jeans which i don't think are actual jeans, and my boots from primark that you can see here
The one thing i didn't expect,or want, for that matter, was for half the people at nando's to be wearing practically the same as me.. disaster. I'm pretty sure there were about 20 girls there with some kind of leopard print on, be it shoes,leggings tops or accessories..
I think i may need to re-think my style.. each to there own, but I'm not a fan of looking like a clone :S
Lesson lernt.

 This bag im wearing is actually a handmedown from the mother, there will be a post on this and a few other bags that mum gave me sometime this week.. i know right?, you can hardly wait ;)

usual face,winged eyeliner and redish lipstick. I've completely gone off eye shadows at the moment, ever since iv started back at college, i just cant be bothered with the fussing about,and would rather spend an extra ten minuets in bed..

I also put a silvery pencil eyeliner in the corner of my eyes, just to try and change it up abit.. but i dont think i like it so i doubt ill be doing that again in a hurry haha.

Here's a cute picture to finish off this post ;)

Ella Martine xxxx

Saturday, 14 January 2012

This or That? Beauty Tag!

You ;)
Quick disclaimer, this is going to be a very word heavy post.. beware!

Well hello you gorgeous people. before i get on with this tag,which is my first ever tag, may i add, I'm just going to thank you all for following me! by 'all', i mean all 24 of you (at this moment in time),but its lovely that you all take the time to read my blog and comment etc, so thanks for that :P
I'm not doing much today, pretty bored at home really, although tonight I'm going round my aunties for a huge family gathering, as my other auntie (iv got too many aunties) has come over from America (yay) and as a bonus, shes brought me some new UGGS over with her (Double yay) for my birthday,which is 31st of jan.. so I'm sure you'll be seeing a post about them within the next few weeks ;)  

Gosh,I've gone and babbled on for about 10 Min's again haven't i? sorry,once i start..i find it challenging to stop. anyway, on to the good stuff :')


blush or bronzer - Blush,i don't feel the need for bronzer all the time as I'm tanned,but without blush i look a little dead.
lip gloss or lipstick - Lipstick, I'm a bit of a lipstick addict.
eye liner or mascara - Ohhhhh, tough one. ok after alot of debating with myself I'm going with eyeliner, i never go without eyeliner,and if its liquid you could always put abit on your lashes? Oh.. or use fake lashes?! Genius ;)
foundation or concealer - Foundation, luckily my skins always been pretty good spot wise (touch wood) and i feel like i could just double up my foundation to make it heavier coverage.
neutral or colour eye shadow - Natural

pressed or loose eye shadows- Pressed all the way. me + Loose eye shadows = dirty floor + angry mum.
brushes or sponges- brushes?! I've never used a sponge in my life.

Nails inc or BarryM- Nails inc! lovelovelove.

Long or short- I've just about got out of a lifelong habit of mine,biting my nails. so for now, short.

Acrylic or natural- Used to wear acrylics all the time but in the end they ruined my nails,although they were what stopped me biting them.. But i like the look of natural nails best.

Brights or darks - Generally Brights,as in pinks and reds, but i do love a good dark nail as well..

Flower or no flower-  I'm assuming this means like,little patterns or decorations on your nails right?? No flower.

perfume or body spray - Perfume

lotion or body butter - Body butter, because its so moisturising and i have ridiculously dry skin..

body wash or soap-I'm allergic to soap,brings back my eczema,and i hate the way it feels anyway so body wash without a doubt ;)

lush or other bath company - Ooo,another tough one. i am a definite lush lover.. but generally i buy and use more things from body shop.. so body shop :)

Jeans or Sweat pants- i love jeans, but seeing as i go to dance college,i only wear them about twice a week,so sweat pants purely for the comfort.

Long sleeve or Short- wouldn't this depend on the weather? I'm going to be annoying and say long in winter,short in summer? :P

Dresses or Skirts- Dresses! i never wear skirts

Stripes or Plaid - Not a huge fan of either.. but if i had to choose,then striped.

Flip flops or Sandals -sandals, i don't like the sound of flip flops.. as in you can hear people wearing them from a mile away..

Scarves or Hats-hm, i love both, but I'm gonna say hats as I'm more likely to wear hats all year round where as scarves are for winter in my world.

Studs or Dangly earrings - Studs, but i like both

Necklaces or Bracelets - Bracelets, but I'm getting into necklaces way more than i used to be.

Heels or Flats - Hm, realistically flats, But in dream world where heels don't hurt your feet,and i didn't get disapproving looks, then I'd probably wear some sort of heel or wedge every day.

Cowboy boots or Riding boots- is this American? i have no idea what either looks like.. i just like,well, normal boots?

Jacket or Hoodie - jackets.. they'r more versatile

Primark or New Look - Primark

Top Shop or Next - Topshop of course, all though next hasnt got some bad stuff in there at the mo.

Debenhams or House of Fraser - House of Faser.

curly or straight - Curly,as when i do straighten my hair it takes me 3 hours.

bun or ponytail - Bun

bobby pins or butterfly clips- Bobby pins,butterfly clips would not tame my hair...at all.

hair spray or gel - i used to be a huge fan of hair gel,but hairspray now :)

long or short - Love long hair. when straightened my hair is at the bottom of my back,believe it or not..

light or dark - Um, dark? Although iv wanted to get highlights in my hair for a while now.

side sweep fringe or full fringe- on other people i love a full fringe,  but on me? no fringe.

up or down - Down.


Rain or Shine- shine, but i like rain when I'm indoors

Summer or winter- ummmm, Winter? which completely contradicts my answer above. oh well :P

Spring or Autumn - autumn, i love the colours.

Chocolate or Vanilla - chocolate. not a fan of vanilla

East coast or West coast - I don't get this question.. which is probably sounds ridiculous. ha.

Tahdaaahh!! finished :) that took longer than i was expecting. haha. i love watching/reading other peoples tags,so if you have any feel free to link it down below and i'll check it out.

Hope you enjoyed, YOU are TAGGED.

Ella'martine xxxx

Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Mac Wish list 2012.

Ok so here are just a few of the things I've got my eye on from mac at the mo (if i could i would buy the whole shop)
I'm hoping to increase my mac collection to more than one lipstick this year,and these are defiantly first on my very long list of things to get.

What are your favourites from mac? recommendations are always needed ;) and comment below if you have a recent wish list, especially makeup, and ill check it out :)

Ella'martine xxxx

Saturday, 7 January 2012

LUSH bubblegum lip scrub review.

hey lovelys. today i am going to review the lush bubblegum lip scrub,as you may have already guessed by the title ;) . I am a definite lush lover, but always tend to get drawn to the soaps and bath bombs more than anything else mainly because the smell is so bloody amazing,and because i Know they work,but as soon as i tasted this beauty of a thing, it was something that had to be purchased. perfect timing too, as in England its getting colder and colder & my lips are looking nothing better than unattractively chapped.


To start off with.. its pink. which i love, there are other flavours too like mint julips and sweet lips.but i was instantly attracted to the pinkness of this one. and the fact that it tastes like bubblegum of course.
The packaging is nice, it comes in a glass bottle with a screw lid, which i like. i also like that the pot is see-through so you can see how much product is left etc .The lip scrub is made out of 2 main ingredients, Castor sugar,which they claim to act as a gentle scrub, and jojoba oil,which they say is wonderfully moisturising but light enough not to leave your lips feeling greasy (Felt like i needed to put on a posh voice when reading that back to myself.. ha).

As you can see it just looks like pink sugar, and I'm sure you could make this your self if you wanted too,but if your as lazy as me, would make a mess of things and would rather spent £4.95. then this is a great product. it does what it says on the tin. it exfoliates your lips perfectly and you need half the amount i have on my finger in the picture,so it will last for a decent amount of time. I put this on in the morning,lick off the bubblegum flavoured excess(yay), and then put my lipstick on.And might i add, my lipstick has never gone on so smoothly or looked so good. as it creates a silky smooth base for your lipstick.

i completely agree with the claims lush make on this lip scrub. it clearly removes all dead skin,and can be used on the go as it isn't too messy and doesn't need to be wiped off,as its edible (which is always a plus if your anything like me !)It also doesn't leave your lips feeling at all greasy,just moisturised and soft! perfect for the winter months.

I WILL stop raving about this product now.there is only so much 'good stuff' you can say before you start to get boring ;) But 5/5 for Lush's Bubblegum lip scrub :)

Click here To see the lip scrub on the lush website..

Hope this helped anyone thinking of buying this :)

Ella'Martine. xxxx

Outfit Of The Day- Rugby Watching

Hey guys. So today(saturday) I went to watch my landladys twin boys be mascots for the local rugby team. When i say my landlady,its the person i live with when im at college. she looks after us,cooks for us, cleans for us and its generally just like a second family really..

today was absuloutly Freezing, and by freezing i mean 'I feel like my fingers may fall off any minuet now' weather. so i made sure i was fully rapped up. as i definatly did not want to get ill, once again..

Lets start with face.
Seeing as i wasn't going to be making a statement with my fashion,because i was going to be so wrapped up,i thought id put a little more effort into my makeup that i normally would to go to a rugby match haha. On my face are the normal foundation,blush and bronzer (I can tell you what t hey are if you ask) and i also used a highlighter today,which is completely new to me. and although you cant see anything in the picture, i rather liked the 'highlighted' look in person. so expect to see me thoroughly highlighted throughout this winter ;)

Eyes are my usual winged eyeliner.pencil eyeliner and mascara,although i used maybelline's gel eyeliner today(the first gel eyeliner i have ever owned) and i do really like it, but it will take some getting used to. and as i haven't got the steadiest hand, i touched up with a liquid eyeliner to get a sharper line :)

 As for the outfit..

Well,there's not much to say really. knitted top is from river island, jeans (which are actually blue/navy,not black)are from miss selfridge.
My fur coat,which is crazily warm, is from new look last year and i love it. faux fur ofcourse, and my hat,which also helped me keep from freezing on the rugby pitch, is from primark. bargin.

I was going to wear my UGGS, but didnt really want them soacked in mud,so in the end i wore my black ankle boots from clarks which are superduper comfy. (:
Hope you liked this, let me know what you think below.

Ella martine xxxx

Friday, 6 January 2012

Update xx

hello all of you lovely jubley people.

An extremely quick and lazy post just to let you know whats going on ;)

Back to dance collage now so things are crazzzzy busy,so posts arnt going to be too regular. I've got a review to go up this week,so keep your eyes peeled if your all about lush&lips(hint hint)

My plan is to take pictures etc and make posts on the weekends that I'm home (which is not this weekend, as I'm staying.. D:)

and to then post them in the week..

if i could id post everyday of the week,promise. but i cant :')

Hope you are all well,

Ella'martine xxxx

Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year,Better Year.

hey loveys. so seeing as i just did possibly the quickest 'happy new year' in my last post, i thought I'd take a little time to give you all something you deserve ;)

I'm firstly going to reflect on 2011. 2011 was,quite frankly a shit year for me. the majority of it i was in hospital,Having 4 operations ,the rest of  the year was me catching up on all i had missed whilst being in hospital.

But despite all that i have achieved some great things this year too, and it has taught me alot and made me an stronger person. Even the strongest person can think of giving up at times..But if you keep strong and fight through it,things will only get better.

The best thing that has happened to me in 2011, was auditioning for all the dance collages id wanted to go to for as long as i remember. even though i was extremely unfit,and hadn't done any real dancing lessons for about a year because i had been so ill, I got into all of the ones that i auditioned for. i wouldn't have been able to go to any of them with out some sort of scholarship,because they are a ridiculous amount of money. but to my surprise i got a scholarship to an amazing dance collage,and that is where i am today.

If somebody would have told me a year ago that i would have got a scholarship to a dance collage,i would never have believed them. If somebody told me i would have got a scholarship,without dancing for a year, and inbetween numerous illness.. i would have thought it impossible. it just goes to show,with hard work and determination, you can do anything you put your mind to.

My wish list/resolutions for 2012.
  • Continue to work hard and do well at dance college
  • pass all assessments at dance college
  • if i fail the first time, try and try again ;)
  • Make this blog amazing.
  • Post at least once a week
  • get a weekend job!
  • (this is a wish) Keep well.

How was your year? was it the best year of your life so far? ( i hope so!) or the shittiest yet? what ever it was i hope 2012 is Better that you can imagine.

Leave a comment telling me your new years resolutions/wishes :)

Ella Martine xxxx