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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Leopard print for Nando's ;)

Hey guys, this is just a quick outfit of the day that i thought I'd post on this rather delightful Sunday.(did you sence the sarcasm?) by delightful i mean the sort of 'Im still in my pj's and haven't even started packing to go back to kent' kinda delightful. Yes, its the end of my weekend at home and tonight I'm off back to Kent for dance college, and lets just say I'm not too buzzing. :P

Friday night i went to Nando's with a few friends. Ooo i love nando's, im not a spicy food lover, i mean, id love to be. but i just cant handle it and it ends up making my face go red and my eyes run. not attractive. so i just stick to the cool stuff ;)

Top-primark. jeans- Miss selfridge. i wore my primark shoes that are featured in a post HERE.

yet another picture of me in my bathroom.. sorry about that.

So as you can see, i do like abita leopard print, so i thought id wear this blouse, jeans which i don't think are actual jeans, and my boots from primark that you can see here
The one thing i didn't expect,or want, for that matter, was for half the people at nando's to be wearing practically the same as me.. disaster. I'm pretty sure there were about 20 girls there with some kind of leopard print on, be it shoes,leggings tops or accessories..
I think i may need to re-think my style.. each to there own, but I'm not a fan of looking like a clone :S
Lesson lernt.

 This bag im wearing is actually a handmedown from the mother, there will be a post on this and a few other bags that mum gave me sometime this week.. i know right?, you can hardly wait ;)

usual face,winged eyeliner and redish lipstick. I've completely gone off eye shadows at the moment, ever since iv started back at college, i just cant be bothered with the fussing about,and would rather spend an extra ten minuets in bed..

I also put a silvery pencil eyeliner in the corner of my eyes, just to try and change it up abit.. but i dont think i like it so i doubt ill be doing that again in a hurry haha.

Here's a cute picture to finish off this post ;)

Ella Martine xxxx


  1. Nice outfit. Hope you enjoy your time at dance collage!


  2. Love that top! Doesn't look like a Primark buy xx

  3. Love your top - another Nando's lover here too, could literally eat it every day!x

  4. you look so lovely! x

    Also, i'm running a giveaway on my blog at the moment for either an American Apparel clutch bag or Models Own nail varnishes so please check it out!

  5. your pics are adorable! great makeup shot!


  6. the pup is SOOOOOOO cute! And you look very lovely also, such a pretty smile! x

  7. omg your dog is stunning...oh and so are you;)

    love this! love the top, it looks so cool paired with dark jeans:)

    love as always xx


  8. thankyou for the kind comments guys, makes my day :P and i thought youd like my dog ;) teddy he's called xxx

  9. Love that coat!!!!
    Follow me back :)


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