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I am a 21 year old performer currently trying to make it happen. London girl. Love meeting new people and visiting new places. 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Rocky Horror OOTN.

Hello all, really quick one today. last weekend i had a fancy dress party to go to with my college friends, the theme was rocky horror. which is basically just an excuse for all the gay guys to come in thongs and 6inch stilettos. you can imagine how fun the night was. one of the best nights out,period!

i didn't really know what rocky horror was, but i googled it and decided not to go as a character but just as the general theme.. which is basically wearing as 'slutty' things as you can get away with.

i dont think i revealed much at all with my outfit! but i still thought it looked pretty good. so here it is :) 

dont judge, i felt over dressed! literally..

Ella Martine :) xxxx

New Bits!!

Hello my beauty's! how are you all ? if your in England i hope your enjoying this typically English disgusting weather.. but i thought id bring you an easy to read picture heavy post to heighten your moods!

over the past few weeks i have accumulated some (mainly summery) new bits. and whats better to put pictures of your bits in a 'new bits' post? ... dirty minded people, no comments on that phrase please ;) 

if you would like any detail on prices ect please just comment and ill let you know. because i haven't wrote down many details :) 

       Green slouchy tie up top - new look.

socks! -new look

                                                      high waisted shorts -new look- LOVE. <3

                                                     pink flower jeans -new look.

                                                        cute pink brogues -New look.

Fierce heels-newlook.and let me just tell you.. 9 POUND. although i wore them to a fancy dress party yesterday and they are practically ruined.. 

                                                             orange cardigan-H&M
                                                          knit cardigan- topshop
                           flower jumpsuit- h&m                                  denim jumpsuit-river island

Ella Martine xxxx