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I am a 21 year old performer currently trying to make it happen. London girl. Love meeting new people and visiting new places. 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Puma trinomic r698 review

I Love Trainers.

They really are one of my favourite choices of footwear. comfortable, easy to run in on those days you've snoozed your alarm too much and quite fashionable. downside is, in my opinion getting a good pair of trainers for cheap is pretty rare.

Sorry to build you up like that.. These were not cheap trainers. At £65 pound a pop they're not extortionate, but definitely not an easy impulse buy either. 

I purchased these puma Trinomics in the red/Burgundy colour , thinking they'd perhaps be better suited for winter. I ordered them from ASOS knowing that i would be able to get my almost expired student discount on them.. so altogether they ended up costing me around 58/59 quid.

One problem i have had in the past with puma is sizing.. and of course i forgot and made the same mistake. i ordered them originally in my size, a size 6 but on their arrival i realised they were far too big. a week later and a size down, they fit snug as a bug and look much less like clowns shoes. do bare the sizing in mind when purchasing puma trainers. the Trinomics come up especially wide.

I have had these for a few weeks now, i love them. extremely comfortable and i can wear them day and night without feeling as though i should be going on a run. i love the colour, although this does make choosing an outfit to wear with them a bit more of a problem as they do no go with everything like black or trainers do.

I wore them for the longest on Halloween. me and my friends went to a big event in London called oval space. i knew i ran the risk of getting them dirty, but quite frankly I'm not that over protective of my trainers.. i wore them for over 12 hours straight and not once did i itch to get them off. they did get dirty.. very dirty but a quick scrub up in the sink and they literally look as good as new.

please note, i am wearing Halloween make-up. 

all in all i am over the moon with my purchase and i wish they did more colours in this style as i can't seem to find a massive selection. These trainers are a good alternative to Nike air max in the way they look and feel. they look quite different but they are a similar shape and design, and also almost half the price.

Speak Soon,

Ella Xx

Thursday, 20 November 2014

A STRESSFUL DAY and i need to vent...

What a day!.. and I say that with absolute Exasperation 

I had a busy day planned today.. 2 auditions just hours from each other, both in London but nowhere near each other.

This was one of those days where you know everything is going wrong not through fate, or coincidence, but quite simply because of yourself. That being said, there is still nothing you can do about it.

My first audition was being held at pineapple studios, Covent Garden. Easy enough to get to.. should take me about half hour so ill give myself a lay in. No! well.. yes, I did lay in. I also missed my train thanks to the delights of the school rush hour (and the delights of my lay in)
My emergency train was delayed for 7 minuets, and my lord did those 7 minuets seem like an absolute life time. I finally get to the audition with 0 seconds to spare, and that's when I realise.. This is an open audition.

Now, this may not mean much to you, but its the difference between a calm and collected Ella, and a complete stress-ball, panic stricken grouch. The queue for this audition was going round the corner and down the road for about a mile and that is no exaggeration. Hundreds of dancers, hoping to make it out of the shit world of unemployment. Luckily i could hop in with some friends that had been organised enough to get there slightly earlier than 1 minuet late.

Unluckily, I seemed to have forgotten 2 very vital pieces of paper.. my CV and my headshot. I'm sure you don't need explaining as of why this was a dumb move.. lets forget about it.. can we? you see, i never go to open auditions any more as my agent usually gets auditions for me and does all of the paper work that comes for it.. so usually i simply turn up and dance. Thank goodness I had an hour to spare in-between rounds. That hour was spent looking for a library to print out my CV and a photo shop to print out a head shot in the middle of Covent garden at 12pm.. easier than expected! Yes the CV was out of date and the headshot blurry.. but is that not better that than nothing... (?)

The audition was for Mamma Mia on the royal Caribbean cruise. First round went by, we learnt a very simple corner step, as there were 50 of us girls and boys crammed in to one sweaty un air-conditioned room at a time. That round was fine and i got a recall, on to round number 2. we learnt a lyrical type of routine which was also fine but by this point I cant keep my eyes off the clock. it is 2.15 and my deadline to leave this audition to be able to make the second one on time is 2.30.

I skipped ahead a few and went in one of the first groups to show the dance we had learnt to the panel and to be 'judged'. We have all left the room and one of the directors calls me back, saying its such a shame i have to leave.. they really like me and would love to see me do the 3rd combo. I explain the situation, and explain the fact that I really do have to go ( by this point its 2.25) and off I go.
When i say off i go i really go off... running to the tube station like my life depended on it i jumped on the tube and hastily made my way to the second audition.

Sweaty, hungry and quite frankly shattered i make it to my second audition with 5 minuets to spare which i use wisely to make myself look less of a drowned rat. (this was a combination of the previous workouts sweat and the poring rain i had been running in to find this place)

30 minuets... Just half an hour i was in there for and i was cut first round. which is fine, if I'm not right for the part then I'm not right for the part but this left me with a tricky decision on my hands. . .  Do i run BACK to the previous location and try and make it in for the recall to learn the 3rd dance or do i call it a day? i called my friend who was at the audition and she informed me they were yet to go in and learn the 3rd dance.. Meaning I had around 20 minuets to get back there before it was too late.

SPRINTING now, back to the station ( its still raining) back onto the tube, change, change, back down the road to the studio, Back up the stairs and i make it just in time, they're just about to call everyone in. Good. this is Good. 

Almost 2 hours later and the audition is finally finished. The 3rd dance learnt and thank god they want to see me sing next week.. it was some-what worth it.

Home time now and I'm sure you can all imagine how knackered i am. I look a state and i couldn't care less because the last thing i would want right now was people trying to talk to me.. They knew better.

Almost home now and I hop onto my last train, in a world of my own. I haven't eaten enough all day so i am in a daze of tiredness and hunger. That daze was sharply broken when my train went zooming past my stop. and the next .. and the next. in fact, I had got on the wrong train altogether , and this train of course, doesn't stop until its a whole 30 minuets away from where i need to be. Bishops Stortford.. im in the counrtyside.

Holding back tears at this point, I slump myself on the floor of the train as all of the seats are taken and tuck myself into a corner.. maybe if I close my eyes hard enough i will magically appear to be in my bed.

I ended up back home a whole 2 and a half hours since i left on a journey that should have taken 45 minuets max. Absolutely shattered, I tuck into dinner, have a huge bubble bath to soothe my muscles and tuck myself into bed.

At least I get a lay in tomorrow.

Ella Xx

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Life after graduation.

On the 19th July 2014 i graduated my college of 3 years with a national diploma in dance, music and theatre performance. today's post is going to be about life after graduation for me. this will particularly be aimed towards dancers and actors, as that is what i am, but some points i am positive can be related to anyone just graduated.


The day I graduated was one of the most emotional days of my life to date.
Good emotions and bad alike. I woke up at around 6.30am, we had to be at the theatre ready to have our pictures taken for 9. sounds silly now, but the first thing I did when I woke up was to write a speech on the notes part of my iPhone. I later posted this to Facebook, It wasn't planned it that way but I knew whatever I said on-line that day needed to be good. not only that, but I was writing for myself.. so that in years to come I could look back at that status and know how proud of myself I was that day.

Pictures were taken and the ceremony was done, my certificate collected and lots of tears accidentally shed. There was one major thing that separated our graduation to a normal university graduation.. And that was that we then had to do 2 shows! we all had to pull ourselves together for the final shows to be done all together, but they were by far the best, most atmospheric most emotional shows we have done as a college to date. 

'Summer Holidays' after graduation..
My summer holidays were great! I chilled out, caught up with friends, went to Madrid, ate as much as i wanted when i wanted. then i realised something.. this isn't a 'summer holiday' any-more .. I am not going back to an institution of any kind.. this is actually just life. So in came the auditions, the gym, the eating slightly healthier. i am very lucky in the fact that before i had left college i had nabbed myself one of the best agents going. having an agent is not the be all and end all of your career as a dancer or actress.. i have friends that are doing very well without one and keeping everything they earn for themselves! (Bonus), but it is so much harder to get in the door of the London west-end theatre land without one, so the fact that that was already sorted was a bonus.

Then starts the real job hunting..
Now.. This is where the industry can make or break you. Audition after audition with no luck at all. Sometimes audition after audition getting to the very final of every single one, and then STILL not getting the job. I'm not sure what's worse.. To be told 'No' from the start, or to be lead into believing you were perfect for the role, only to be told no (or to never hear back) at the very end. 
i think the key thing to remember is that every audition and every job interview that you go for has something very specific that they are looking for. There is no point trying to completely change yourself to suite one job.. you may still not get it, and then you've made yourself unsuitable for other jobs just around the corner. 
Keep going!

The more auditions and job interviews you go to, the better you get, the more confident and comfortable you feel, the more likely you are to get the job. its a matter of statistics. Go to 2 auditions, and you'd be very lucky to get the job out of just those 2. Go to 50 auditions and the odds are increased dramatically. That goes for every type of job interview. Weather that be an audition for a musical or an interview for a job opportunity to be a secretary. Keep going.

I have auditioned for a hell of a lot. From the lion king west end, to Matilda, cruise ships to dance jobs in Germany, Japan and more. So far i have had 1 job offer after maybe.. 30 auditions? by the time this post goes up i should be in full swing of my rehearsals for a pantomime. i will be in Cinderella over the Christmas period. i will be a dancer and understudy fairy god mother. And let me tell you i can not wait to get back onto that stage performing every day for hundreds.

When you haven't been on stage for a while as a dancer or actor, its easy to loose sight of what all of the hassle is for. One second on that stage and it is all apparent once more. I LOVE to perform, and i love to dance.. I am extremely excited to have a job, my first professional job, for the Christmas period. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

OOTD/N - friends party

Hello lovelys. just a quick OOTD post. have a nice day.

crop top- new look
'disco-pants'- river island
heeled Chelsea boots- simmies (£25 bargain)

speak soon,
Ella Xx

Sunday, 9 November 2014

100 years.. Lest we forget.

2014 marks the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of the 1st word war. RIP to all of the brave men and women who lost their lives fighting for our country. I went to visit the poppy display at the tower of London a few days ago. here are some pictures of a truly beautiful sentiment.

Speak soon, 

Ella Xx

A post for a post

Well hello there beautiful people of the internet.

I have made a decision..
I would like to commit to my blog from now on. I want to write posts every week, I want to read other peoples posts every week, I want to keep a note of my life for me to look back on because quite frankly, my memory is just awful and I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached to my neck! This is a quick post, for anyone wanting to read it, just to say that you will be seeing alot more of me popping up on your feed.

My blog is going to change a little.. I want it to be a little more personal. I will still be doing my usual outfit of the day posts, and my make-up reviews, but I also want to write more about my day to day life, my thoughts, my questions and my journeys. I will cross my fingers and toes and hope that people might want to read about the average life of Ella.. but if not then that's ok, because this will be a diary for me to look back on when I am... well.. probably when I am 25 and can't remember a thing about being 19.

Speak soon,

Ella Xx