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I am a 21 year old performer currently trying to make it happen. London girl. Love meeting new people and visiting new places. 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

happy jubilee queenie

hey all, for those british people out there you'll all know of the celebrations that have gone on for the jubilee (And im sure other country's will be aware too!) an i've gotta admit i've been getting quite into the spirit of things ;) 
i thought i'd go for a (Extreamly) subtle Red White and Blue theme with this outfit ,which was worn on the sunday

striped top-Newlook
plain tights
old boots also from newlook.

we had a street party on monday and it was lovely, to tell the truth, i didnt know ANYONE there, but it was nice to kinda bring people together again. it seems weird that i've lived in the same place all my life and yet hardly know the neighbors.

i hope you've all had a good bank holliday weekend, and if in another country i hope your all having an amazing week! 

Ella Martine. xxxx

Friday, 1 June 2012

a sunny OOTD and the answer to where i have been...


shorts- Primark

shoes- river island

Hello darlings.. how are we all?! First thing first, where on earth have i been and what on earth have i got hanging out of my shorts?? trust me, im used to the question at the moment. as i had a little accident the other week. well when i say 'little'....

Yes. this is the disgusting results of a freshly boiled kettle and a dopey Ella. that little red bit up there is as sore as it looks.. actually the picture doesn't really do it justice! I was filling up my hot water bottle on a hot summers night (Don't ask) and thanks to tiredness and just pure clumsiness,  i somehow, don't ask how, but SOME how pored about half the kettles steaming water onto my leg.

i was with my landlady so we immediately soaked it in cold water for around 45 Min's.. but the damage was done.. thus resulting in a trip to a&e, second degree burns, no dancing and a lack of posts due to me feeling sorry for myself.. lol. no it's not even sorry im feeling, im just so annoyed with myself and have been worried sick about it leaving a scar.

for someone with an office job or something it wouldn't be SUCH a big deal, but when your a dancer and are constantly dancing in skimpy leotards, i feel like it could be the difference between a job and not getting the job. because the industry is(i hate to say it)  SO looks based.

its about 2 and a half weeks since iv done it now and its healing up well. iv been doing everything iv been told to do,and as soon as its all healed i will be immediately  putting a shit load of bio oil on it to try and reduce any scarring! don't worry i will keep you updated on my wound ;) Im sure you'd all love to know! Ha

anyway that's enough of that, and that beast is the main reason for the lack of posts recently so i do apologize!

how are you all doing? not trying to burn your selves alive i hope ?

hope all of you fellow British peeps are loving the jubilee spirit as much as  i am ;) have an good weekend

Ella Martine xxxx