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Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Mac Wish list 2012.

Ok so here are just a few of the things I've got my eye on from mac at the mo (if i could i would buy the whole shop)
I'm hoping to increase my mac collection to more than one lipstick this year,and these are defiantly first on my very long list of things to get.

What are your favourites from mac? recommendations are always needed ;) and comment below if you have a recent wish list, especially makeup, and ill check it out :)

Ella'martine xxxx


  1. I haven't got one product from MAC.
    My NYR is to buy one!

    These look amazing.

  2. Love the lipsticks

  3. I do love a good MAC moment! If I was to make a wish list from them though . . . well it would be days long. x

  4. Totally recommend Russian Red...It is FIERCE!! Love it! ... Although I havent been able to wear it for a while now cus its matte and my lips are dry cus of the weather so its just not working out well.. :( but as soon as they are 'un-dry?' Im totally wearing RR again. Its beautiful x


  5. i think you will find a denim shirt when you're not prepared for this :) oh i love mac! i have to get a lipstick and a blush, too.

  6. haha thankyou everyone for the comments, they make my day ;) yes i NEED to have these in my makeup bag by the end of the year.. atleast! xxx


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