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Saturday, 14 January 2012

This or That? Beauty Tag!

You ;)
Quick disclaimer, this is going to be a very word heavy post.. beware!

Well hello you gorgeous people. before i get on with this tag,which is my first ever tag, may i add, I'm just going to thank you all for following me! by 'all', i mean all 24 of you (at this moment in time),but its lovely that you all take the time to read my blog and comment etc, so thanks for that :P
I'm not doing much today, pretty bored at home really, although tonight I'm going round my aunties for a huge family gathering, as my other auntie (iv got too many aunties) has come over from America (yay) and as a bonus, shes brought me some new UGGS over with her (Double yay) for my birthday,which is 31st of jan.. so I'm sure you'll be seeing a post about them within the next few weeks ;)  

Gosh,I've gone and babbled on for about 10 Min's again haven't i? sorry,once i start..i find it challenging to stop. anyway, on to the good stuff :')


blush or bronzer - Blush,i don't feel the need for bronzer all the time as I'm tanned,but without blush i look a little dead.
lip gloss or lipstick - Lipstick, I'm a bit of a lipstick addict.
eye liner or mascara - Ohhhhh, tough one. ok after alot of debating with myself I'm going with eyeliner, i never go without eyeliner,and if its liquid you could always put abit on your lashes? Oh.. or use fake lashes?! Genius ;)
foundation or concealer - Foundation, luckily my skins always been pretty good spot wise (touch wood) and i feel like i could just double up my foundation to make it heavier coverage.
neutral or colour eye shadow - Natural

pressed or loose eye shadows- Pressed all the way. me + Loose eye shadows = dirty floor + angry mum.
brushes or sponges- brushes?! I've never used a sponge in my life.

Nails inc or BarryM- Nails inc! lovelovelove.

Long or short- I've just about got out of a lifelong habit of mine,biting my nails. so for now, short.

Acrylic or natural- Used to wear acrylics all the time but in the end they ruined my nails,although they were what stopped me biting them.. But i like the look of natural nails best.

Brights or darks - Generally Brights,as in pinks and reds, but i do love a good dark nail as well..

Flower or no flower-  I'm assuming this means like,little patterns or decorations on your nails right?? No flower.

perfume or body spray - Perfume

lotion or body butter - Body butter, because its so moisturising and i have ridiculously dry skin..

body wash or soap-I'm allergic to soap,brings back my eczema,and i hate the way it feels anyway so body wash without a doubt ;)

lush or other bath company - Ooo,another tough one. i am a definite lush lover.. but generally i buy and use more things from body shop.. so body shop :)

Jeans or Sweat pants- i love jeans, but seeing as i go to dance college,i only wear them about twice a week,so sweat pants purely for the comfort.

Long sleeve or Short- wouldn't this depend on the weather? I'm going to be annoying and say long in winter,short in summer? :P

Dresses or Skirts- Dresses! i never wear skirts

Stripes or Plaid - Not a huge fan of either.. but if i had to choose,then striped.

Flip flops or Sandals -sandals, i don't like the sound of flip flops.. as in you can hear people wearing them from a mile away..

Scarves or Hats-hm, i love both, but I'm gonna say hats as I'm more likely to wear hats all year round where as scarves are for winter in my world.

Studs or Dangly earrings - Studs, but i like both

Necklaces or Bracelets - Bracelets, but I'm getting into necklaces way more than i used to be.

Heels or Flats - Hm, realistically flats, But in dream world where heels don't hurt your feet,and i didn't get disapproving looks, then I'd probably wear some sort of heel or wedge every day.

Cowboy boots or Riding boots- is this American? i have no idea what either looks like.. i just like,well, normal boots?

Jacket or Hoodie - jackets.. they'r more versatile

Primark or New Look - Primark

Top Shop or Next - Topshop of course, all though next hasnt got some bad stuff in there at the mo.

Debenhams or House of Fraser - House of Faser.

curly or straight - Curly,as when i do straighten my hair it takes me 3 hours.

bun or ponytail - Bun

bobby pins or butterfly clips- Bobby pins,butterfly clips would not tame my hair...at all.

hair spray or gel - i used to be a huge fan of hair gel,but hairspray now :)

long or short - Love long hair. when straightened my hair is at the bottom of my back,believe it or not..

light or dark - Um, dark? Although iv wanted to get highlights in my hair for a while now.

side sweep fringe or full fringe- on other people i love a full fringe,  but on me? no fringe.

up or down - Down.


Rain or Shine- shine, but i like rain when I'm indoors

Summer or winter- ummmm, Winter? which completely contradicts my answer above. oh well :P

Spring or Autumn - autumn, i love the colours.

Chocolate or Vanilla - chocolate. not a fan of vanilla

East coast or West coast - I don't get this question.. which is probably sounds ridiculous. ha.

Tahdaaahh!! finished :) that took longer than i was expecting. haha. i love watching/reading other peoples tags,so if you have any feel free to link it down below and i'll check it out.

Hope you enjoyed, YOU are TAGGED.

Ella'martine xxxx


  1. Great tag! I should do a tag on my blog.
    Its really interesting to find out what other bloggers are like through tags like this. We are fairly similar ahaha


  2. i agree haha, i love seeing other peoples tags :) let me know if you decide to do one ! xx

  3. Hey I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award check out my blog for details!

  4. Lovely post! Love this tag, so I did one. Check it out..xx


  5. You inspired me to do this;



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