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Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Theatre trip to see Priscilla!


Before you begin to read this post,if your not into musicals,drag queens or glitter, this contains plenty of all three ,so feel free to skip to my next post if things like this don't interest you,not everybody's gonna have the exact same interests as me:)xxx

ONE WORD- Absolutely amazing, best theatre show iv seen, kinda makes me want to be a drag queen (Not sure if that's normal?)
Ok so i might have got a little carried away with that '1 word',but there is honestly no other way to discribe this musical.

So, for my main Christmas present from the mother,we went to see Priscilla,i love the film so my expectations were high,and seeing as I'm somebody who goes to a dance/musical theatre collage,going to the theatre is completely up my street.

We set off to London at about half 1,As we wanted to do some shopping,or more like 'browsing' before the show started at half 2. i only live about a 20 minuet train ride from London, so that was plenty of time for us to dribble at the designer shops before the show began.


As it began to get dark (which is about 3 o clock in England at the moment ) the Christmas lights became more visible, and they were so pretty. made me feel really Christmasy i must admit! in covent garden they had pinky purple lights down every little street,and there were Christmas songs playing in the shops which was rather lovely.

Now obviously i couldn't take pictures when we were in the theatre ,but it was seriously tempting as the theatre was beautiful and the scenery even before the performance had begun was so detailed. i did,however, get a brochure,which has some beautiful pictures of some of the scenes. so i thought I'd take a picture of them so you can get an idea how visual the scenes and costumes are.


All in All, the cast was brilliant,the costumer were absolutely amazing,they had so much detail and were so colourful( as you would expet ;) and it was defiantly the best theatre production I've seen,and I've seen quite a few..e.g.
  • billy Elliot
  • fame
  • stomp
  • Le miserables
  • nutcracker
  • wicked
And I'm sure there is a few I've missed out.

If you love musicals as much as i do,Then I'm certain you will love this. i don't know one person that's seen this and not loved it!



  1. sure, i use the canon 600d ;)

    thanks for your warm words... btw i like the leo shirt on your last post ;)

    greetz from berlin,


  2. Think I'm a little bit jealous of how many shows you've seen, I'll attempt to get over that :)
    Thanks for the comment about the hand cream, I'll for sure get some and if yo dont mind, I'll leave your link on my post if I do review it? x x

  3. hi emily,haha im hoping to see plenty more too! and aw yes that would be lovely thankyou! xx

  4. absolutely awesome!

    Merry Christmas!

    Check my latest post http://timeless-is-more.blogspot.com/

    Wait for u!

  5. merry christmas to you too, will do :) x

  6. This sounds awesome! Super lovely blog!



  7. I love musicals! I've only seen The Lion King until now (I sadly don't live in the UK), but I definitely need to go see some more when I'll go to London.


  8. don't they have musicals where you live then? and i've heard lots of good things about the lion king. xx


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