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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Puma trinomic r698 review

I Love Trainers.

They really are one of my favourite choices of footwear. comfortable, easy to run in on those days you've snoozed your alarm too much and quite fashionable. downside is, in my opinion getting a good pair of trainers for cheap is pretty rare.

Sorry to build you up like that.. These were not cheap trainers. At £65 pound a pop they're not extortionate, but definitely not an easy impulse buy either. 

I purchased these puma Trinomics in the red/Burgundy colour , thinking they'd perhaps be better suited for winter. I ordered them from ASOS knowing that i would be able to get my almost expired student discount on them.. so altogether they ended up costing me around 58/59 quid.

One problem i have had in the past with puma is sizing.. and of course i forgot and made the same mistake. i ordered them originally in my size, a size 6 but on their arrival i realised they were far too big. a week later and a size down, they fit snug as a bug and look much less like clowns shoes. do bare the sizing in mind when purchasing puma trainers. the Trinomics come up especially wide.

I have had these for a few weeks now, i love them. extremely comfortable and i can wear them day and night without feeling as though i should be going on a run. i love the colour, although this does make choosing an outfit to wear with them a bit more of a problem as they do no go with everything like black or trainers do.

I wore them for the longest on Halloween. me and my friends went to a big event in London called oval space. i knew i ran the risk of getting them dirty, but quite frankly I'm not that over protective of my trainers.. i wore them for over 12 hours straight and not once did i itch to get them off. they did get dirty.. very dirty but a quick scrub up in the sink and they literally look as good as new.

please note, i am wearing Halloween make-up. 

all in all i am over the moon with my purchase and i wish they did more colours in this style as i can't seem to find a massive selection. These trainers are a good alternative to Nike air max in the way they look and feel. they look quite different but they are a similar shape and design, and also almost half the price.

Speak Soon,

Ella Xx

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