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Monday, 19 December 2011


Nail foils are a growing trend in the beauty community,and They seem to be getting more and more popular by the minuet. seeing as I'm a sucker for anything to do with pretty nails,i couldn't pass this when i saw these at my local pharmacist! as they have become so popular within the last year they're not hard to come across. I've seen them stocked in boots,Superdrug and even if you just type in 'Nail foils' into google there are dozens of online beauty shops where you can purchase them from.
There are tons of different makes that have started producing nail foils,each with they're own different ind of instructions etc. but like i said i passed these in the chemist and i couldn't resist them. two of my favourite things conveniently there in this sleek black packet ...Leopard print.. And Pretty nails.

In Each pack you get a total of 16 nail wraps. which is plenty for both hands even if you go wrong a few times! Another thing you can do to pretty much double the use you get out of these is to cut them in half,using one half of the sticker for one side of your hand and the bit that's left,for the other. (this would only work if you don't have long nails mind you). The instructions were clear,but short.

  •  Peel of the nail foil that fits the shape of your nail best,(i would recommend filling and buffing your nails prior to this,but the instructions did not mention that.)
  • Trim the edges of the nail foil if it is still to big for the width of your nail.
  • place the nail foil onto the desired nail.
  • you can then trim the rest of the foil that is too long for your nail.( do you see what i mean when i say you could use it twice now?)
  • The instructions recommended using heat after the foil is on your nail,so i used a hairdryer to heat up the foil and then smoothed it on firmly.
  • the file of any excess at the end of the nail.

As closely as i followed the instructions given,this was a very lengthy process..which I'm not quite sure was worth the hour and a half i spent on it, in which time i could have been sleeping!After the first few fingers the process began to get pretty tedious, as the foil would crease if you didn't put them on perfectly. a nail file did come with the nail foils,and the instruction tells you to file off any excess at the end. it took me absolutely forever to get the excess off with the file they gave me, and it certainly wasn't as easy as the instructions made out! ha ha.

                                                       Here is the finished product!

Over all i really love the look of these on my nails,but i think it would take less time to draw the leopard print on my nails myself! i would recommend giving them a try and i WILL be testing out other brands,i mean,i might of just been crap at applying them as it was my first time but for me,these nail foils just were not worth the effort.. but never fear,that will not stop my search for the Perfect 5 second miracle 'i've just had my nails professionally done' nail foils.. i assure you!! ;)


  1. I really want to get some nail foils, they seem so much easier and prettier than normal nail varnish!

  2. These look lovely ! Last time attempted to do nail foils they looked awfull and came off an hour later. Hope yours lasted a little longer haha
    Cute blog
    Robyn xoxo

  3. I love them! Definitely worth the time..they look great x


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