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Saturday, 17 December 2011


what better way to start my new beauty blog off than with an outfit of the day?!  I was doing anything all day today,but had to run out to the shop to get something i desperately needed..chocolate.
I chucked a bunch of random clothes on, but iv gotta admit I'm rather liking this UBER casual outfit. so i thought, why not put up my very first post :P

As you can see above,this outfit is as casual as you can get. and pretty comfy i must admit!
my T-shirt is from Armani exchange way over 15 years ago. the mother gave it to me a few months ago as she hasn't worn it like..ever,so i thought id take advantage :P
As you can see I'm wearing regular old jeans which I've had for about 3 years now,and they are the cheapest and  possibly the comfiest pair of jeans i own

As this is a typical English winter (Bloody freezing),it isn't quite warm enough to go out in a T-shirt and jeans (Duh) so to make the outfit super warm and a lot more suitable for winter i chucked on my faux fur coat from new look last year,and my uggs. this coat is amazingly thick and warm,i love it and basically live in it in the winter. Although when i got it last year there were hardly any stocked new look , and i don't think I've ever seen anyone else with this same coat,which is even better :] My head scarf ear warmer thing is from a stall inside a shopping centre, but they're pretty popular at the moment so you can get them pretty much anywhere!
 I was only going to the shop so i didn't make much effort with my makeup really,i am wearing a powder foundation,blusher,rimmel lipstick,eyeliner and mascara. generally this is the simplest ill go with makeup,or i wont wear it at all.

here is a picture of the products i used on my face, in case anyone wanted to know haha :)

From Right to left. -Rimmel match perfection powder , boujour's blush in rose D'or) Rimmel London moisture renew lipstick in vintage pink , Collection 2000 Super size fat lash mascara & colourtrend eyeliner from Avon

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