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Monday, 13 February 2012


hello beauts, how are you all? i bring you Rather large clothing haul,with the majority of my purchases from h&m. i went shopping with my mum today, and i found some absolute BARGAINS. i wont tell you how much everything costs until the end,until then, ill leave you guessing ;) 

Most of the things i got are pretty little summer dresses etc. this is my way of trying to hurry summer up! ha ha

All above from H&M


I absolutely love all the dresses, a big thank you to my mum for picking the majority of them out for me!

If you don't like them, maybe the price will sway you a little? 3 pound each.. did you get that? yes, 3 POUND EACH! honest to god i almost had a heart attack when i saw the little red sticker saying 3 pound,and that's when i brought the mother over to the sale rack to help me rummage for some bargains. i cant wait to wear these bits in the summer, and i think the pink and orange dresses are just beautiful, Perfect for a Holiday.. ( just need to persuade either the mother or father to book one now..)

I'm a Little obsessed with the velvet numbers too, and I'm extremely tempted to wear them with tights right now! but i suppose it isn't appropriate seeing as there is still snow on the ground and i am ill already! gorgeous though, i think we hit the jackpot in h&m today. and if you have a h&m near you, i defiantly advise you all to go and have a rummage in there sale rail, the majority of the stuff was under 5 pound and reduced from 20s-40s!

The jeans are from primark, i recently bought a grey pair of these which are featured in this post here and couldn't believe how comfortable they are, how well they fit and how good the quality is for the price. and for 11 quid i though it was defiantly worth grabbing another pair, this time in a light denim colour, which i thought continued my summer scheme in clothing quite nicely ;)

a very successful shopping trip i must say, with everything minus the jeans reaching a grand total of £18 spent,im quite chuffed.

I love a good bargain. in case that wasn't obvious ;)

Big love for H&M at the mo,BIG love.

Ella'Martine xxxx


  1. Wow! I was mid-drink when I read how much you paid for them and nearly spat water all over my laptop - bargain! They're all really nice and I love the jeans too :) They look quite similar to the Leigh jeans in Topshop but so much more affordable :)

  2. i love that first dress! really great finds doll xx

    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  3. I can't believe they were all £3 each, that's crazy! I love the orange dress :) x

  4. you look gorgeous in every single outfit! The orange one is my favourite :) xx

  5. i want the orange/yellow dress! all are beau but I love that one. fancy sending me one;) hehe.

  6. Lies, no way were those dresses 3 quid! Because they're just so gorgeous haha, the orange ones especially! You're so lucky to find such amazing bargains. xx

  7. Happy Valentine's Day! <3

  8. H&M really does do some lovely things, and a great prices whether full price or in the sale. I worked there for 4 years, and the sales were manic! Well done for rifling through it all, but you definitely found some beautiful dresses.

    Lauren Victoria x


  9. WOW! i love the fist dress and the orange one too.. im off to Chicago on Friday, they've got a h&m there ill see if i can find any exclusive stuff that we haven't got! great post xx

  10. Thank you for your comment!:) I think that your dresses are so amazing you are so cute :)Following you now kisses

  11. aww, thank you :)
    PS: i love so much H&M!

  12. Wow, lovee your blog, thankyou for commenting on mine. I followed, please follow back oxoxo Ellie :D

  13. Lucky you these dresses are very pretty, the orange and pink dress are my favorite


  14. Love the first dress!


  15. So, you're completely gorgeous and I love your hair! Great dresses too :)

  16. i love the stuff you got , so cute xoxo

  17. love the pink & organge dresses x


  18. In total shock.. seriously? WOW I need to pay better attention next time I'm there!


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