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I am a 21 year old performer currently trying to make it happen. London girl. Love meeting new people and visiting new places. 

Friday, 24 February 2012

Im Loving It!

Hey you's , just a quickly! iv been online *cough* window shopping like there's no tomorrow recently because the shops have got some absolute beauts  in store. I'm going through one of them times where i just hate everything in my wardrobe, and i think my style has changed quite a bit in the last year. I'm still not quite there with knowing exactly what it is yet, but iv been liking things that are just.. different!

One of my favourite summer trends is crop tops, and this year more then ever as there are some lovely little crop tops around. i do like the look of crop tops but feel they need to be worn right not to look.. tacky, high waisted shorts/skirts/jeans paired with them are pretty much a must for me.

Here are just a fraction of my faves at the mo. annoyingly i did write down a list of where they are all from and the prices, but my computer run out of battery and i lost the list! so for now there is no more than just the pictures, sorry!

My absolute favourites are the dungarees (iv been after a good pair for AGES but am yet to find my perfect ones) and the first crop top which i know is defiantly from river island. i love the back detailing and pattern and will defiantly be getting this in time for summer.

im actually ill with a chest infection at the mo, so haven't been at college. which makes me even more behind than i already am. things arnt good right now, but blogging does cheer me up :)

i was thinking of doing a 'how i do my eyebrows & what i use' kinda post.. would any of you like you see that?
i hope your all well.

Ela Martine xxxx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Purple velvet & biker boots.

                               defiantly not my fav picture of myself but all the others are even worse so this will have to do ;) 

This is what i wore to my best friends little birthday gathering.it was mainly a family thing, so i wanted to be abit dressy but in a casual way.
The top is actually the dress i got for 3 pound from h&m featured in 'I love a good bargain!', i tucked it into black jeans as you can see and you'd never think it was a dress. its so versatile i love it!

My jeans are Uber old from river island, and they're slightly too small for me now, so i spent most of the night sucking in like there was no tomorrow as the velvet is very unforgiving on the old gut ;) . what we do for fashion ey ? ;)

Lastly are my beloved  battered old boots from clarks, so comfy and these defiantly casual the outfit down. i actually really like what i wore, and you can easily add a pair of killer heels and a little more jewelry and it would be instantly dressy :)

Hope your all having a lovely week as usual.

Ella Martine xxxx

Friday, 17 February 2012

Review! Soap And Glory 'BIG SPLENDOUR' gift set.

hey guys. so, here is the long awaited for review of the soap and glory 'BIG SPLENDOUR' gift set that i received for my birthday from my lovely mother.

Little confession here,i did give a little yelp of joy when i got it. i am a big fan of soap and glory already, but for some reason don't tend to purchase there stuff for myself, so this was a perfect present that will last me for EVER, and you ll soon see why.
(beware, this is a painfully long post because there is so much to talk about! so feel free to skip the things you don't care about haha!)

All the products come in this handy little..zip up bag thing, i don't know what you'd call it? anyway,this is perfect as i now keep all my creams&soaps and toiletry's in this when I'm home. i have a lot but its big enough to fit them all with plenty of extra space for any more i may buy in the future.. which would be very unnecessary but what do you expect? :P

 Here is an overview of all the products all together (minus the mother pucker lip gloss,that was in my bag. whoops! and the face scrub) and as you can see, there is Alot to get through, so I'm just going to talk a little about each below :)

        Heel Genius.                                   Hand food.
first off,these 2 creams must be my favourite 2 products out of the bunch. heel genius is a foot cream with a slightly blue tinge as you can see in the pic to the left,it has the signature soap and glory scent to it, and if you ask me, i couldn't think of anything better for my feet to be smelling like. i have been using this every other night and it has been working wonders.

Also in the pictures above is soap and Glory's well known hand cream 'Hand food.' this might be a little bias, as i have a slight obsession with hand creams already. i would honestly apply this every minuet of the day and still want more. it really is like food for my hands,as although it leaves them feeling moisturised and as soft as a baby's bottom,after about 5 minuets i want to apply it again, purely because it feels so luxurious to me! this is becoming a close second favourite of mine, next to my beloved body shop almond hand and nail butter. i could see this being a future favourite of mine.. we will see ;) 

                                CALM ONE CALM ALL-BUBBLE BATH           CLEAN ON ME- SHOWER GEL.

i cant think of anything better than coming out of the shower smelling like soap and glory from head to toe, and these do the job nicely.the bubble bath makes me feel relaxed and pampered, I'm a definite bath girl, and i would much rather have baths then showers, so a good bubble bath is crucial for a nice relaxing bath on the weekends after a hard weeks work! ;) the shower gel is also lovely and has soon become my go-to shower gel. it foams up nicely and leaves a subtle smell of deliciousness on my skin, even when I'm out and dressed.

                                                                 OFF YOUR FACE- FACE WIPES.
Face wipes are always handy as I'm lazy and I'm not one for facial cleansers and all that malarkey to get my makeup off. i like it quick and easy, and these do just what they are made to do. they are nice and moist which is good as i Hate it when face wipes are dry,whats the point? They don't leave my skin feeling dry or tight like alot of others do,and remove makeup without having to scrub your face!

                                                                          THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER-BODY BUTTER

 as you may or may not be able to tell, iv use rather alot of this for the time iv had it. iv been using this body butter pretty much every night and absolutely love it. this, i will defiantly be repurchasing, not that i think it will be running out anytime soon as there's Loads! love it.

This body scrub is something i am yet to try enough times to do a full review on ,but what i have tried of it, guess what? I've liked! Bet you didn't see that coming,did you? ;)
It has a slightly different smell to the signature soap and glory scent,which is still lovely, and very fruity. it has large-ish beads/pips in it which exfoliate the skin very well. although it may be too harsh for extra sensitive skin.

This, is something I'm sure alot of you have seen if not owned before. this is probably the first ever thing i owned from soap and glory and i still love it just as much as i did the first day i tried it. if you have never smelled this before, and you like soap and glory. or even if you don't, i'd still recommend going to boots and having a sniff,its Delicious.
 Annoyingly i left this face wash where i live at dance college so couldn't take a picture,but for the time i was using it i was rather liking it admittedly. its very fresh smelling and wakes me up, it has little beads in it, which i suppose are supposed to exfoliate you, but they are so gentle they wouldn't remove dead skin or anything. so as an exfoliator i don't rate this highly, but as a general face wash i love it. and iv never actually had a wash specifically for the face. so really, this is my first ever face wash.. how exciting ;)

Finally ! we are on the last item! First off, who couldn't love the name of this lip gloss? 'sexy mother pucker'. I'm not sure it makes me look quite like a sexy mother pucker, but it certainly improves the look of my lips compared to how they look with nothing on! this is a plumping lip gloss that supposedly 'plumps' the lips, making them look fuller. i wouldn't say I've noticed a big difference in the size of my lips, and that doesn't really matter to me as i don't feel my lips need much 'plumping' but this nude,shimmery non sticky lip gloss is a dream to apply and lasts a fair while, it tingles my lips so it must do something, and its not that kind of tingle that soon turns into an agonizing pain. No, just a little tingle, which is all good in my books. 

Overall this set is absuloutly fantastic. i would recommend it to any *soap and glory* lovers out there! i cant tell you the price as it was a gift, but my mum said it was amazing value for money, so it must be quite a saving on what it would cost you to buy all of these products separately. 

If you have read this whole blog post then you deserve a medal and a pat on the back, because bloody hell is this a long post! 

Hope you enjoyed this, i know some of you have been looking out for it, i just had to pluck up the motivation to be able to sit here for hours and do it! haha

Hope you're all having a fab half term. honestly, i don't wanna go back ! D: im quite enjoying spending my days in my pjs doing the things i love if you ask me. not that i haven't done months of that when have been ill! you'd think id be fed up with it..

please comment and tell me what you think,i love reading all your lovely comments, it makes my (lazy) day!

Lots of love

Ella martine xxxx

Monday, 13 February 2012


hello beauts, how are you all? i bring you Rather large clothing haul,with the majority of my purchases from h&m. i went shopping with my mum today, and i found some absolute BARGAINS. i wont tell you how much everything costs until the end,until then, ill leave you guessing ;) 

Most of the things i got are pretty little summer dresses etc. this is my way of trying to hurry summer up! ha ha

All above from H&M


I absolutely love all the dresses, a big thank you to my mum for picking the majority of them out for me!

If you don't like them, maybe the price will sway you a little? 3 pound each.. did you get that? yes, 3 POUND EACH! honest to god i almost had a heart attack when i saw the little red sticker saying 3 pound,and that's when i brought the mother over to the sale rack to help me rummage for some bargains. i cant wait to wear these bits in the summer, and i think the pink and orange dresses are just beautiful, Perfect for a Holiday.. ( just need to persuade either the mother or father to book one now..)

I'm a Little obsessed with the velvet numbers too, and I'm extremely tempted to wear them with tights right now! but i suppose it isn't appropriate seeing as there is still snow on the ground and i am ill already! gorgeous though, i think we hit the jackpot in h&m today. and if you have a h&m near you, i defiantly advise you all to go and have a rummage in there sale rail, the majority of the stuff was under 5 pound and reduced from 20s-40s!

The jeans are from primark, i recently bought a grey pair of these which are featured in this post here and couldn't believe how comfortable they are, how well they fit and how good the quality is for the price. and for 11 quid i though it was defiantly worth grabbing another pair, this time in a light denim colour, which i thought continued my summer scheme in clothing quite nicely ;)

a very successful shopping trip i must say, with everything minus the jeans reaching a grand total of £18 spent,im quite chuffed.

I love a good bargain. in case that wasn't obvious ;)

Big love for H&M at the mo,BIG love.

Ella'Martine xxxx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

RIP Whitney Houston..

a very quick post to give my respects to Whitney. I'm not to well atm, and woke up at 2 PM to this tragic news. yet another HUGE talent has been lost over the past year. her music will continue to inspire and comfort people for many years to come, and she can leave this world knowing she has changed it with her music for the better. RIP. xxxxx

Friday, 10 February 2012

These Are a Few Of My Favourite Things!

Hello all, i hope you've all had a lovely week so far. Here are a few of my Favourite things of the week in pictures :) 

                                            me and my brother. we had a huge snowball fight too. iv gotta say,i've quite a good aim ;)

1-Iv been nibbling on a big bag of chocolate raisins and yogurt raisins since Tuesday. i got them on my way back from a hospital appointment in London. they're not the best iv ever had. but i still cant resist having at least a few everyday!

2- iv been enjoying the snow. as you can tell ;) we made this snowman in record breaking time. love it

3- Uh Oh. iv officially got the whole hunger game book series now. I've just about finished the first one and i am completely HOOKED. + i love the colourful covers!

3- while i was in London we couldn't resist a pop to covent garden as its just one more stop, and obviously we took a look (and smell!) in lush. these 2 are my Faves, i just had a huge bubble bath and moisturised with the bar after. the smell of the bubble bar is divine.

4- we also got samples of these soaps. iv never tried lush soaps before as im not a fan of how soap makes your skin feel but they do smell lovely so ill be giving them a try.

5- New little detail to my room. my mum got these little heart mirrors for me from Ikea. they were really easy to stick on and add something a little extra to my plain old wardrobe.

6- Last but certainly not least, my favourite lipstick of the week is my new Mac 'girl around town' i have been non-stop wearing it since i got it and i am in love with the colour. its got amazing staying power and iv had so many compliments since iv been wearing it. im sure you'll here more about this in upcoming posts :P

I am officially home for a week on half term now YAY. and you know what that means? LOTS more posts. i look forward to it, and i hope you all do too!

what would you like to see more of this week?

Ella'Martine xxxx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

OOTN - Engagement party.. not mine.

 Hey beauty's, Saturday night i went to a family friends engagement party, and i quite liked my outfit so thought id do a post on it. please excuse my hair though, as i didn't have time to redo it and i had been out shopping (and freezing to death) all day, and i think it looks a little messy. oh well!

My top is from Dorothy Perkins about a year ago, i intended to use it as a dress, and i did, once. but it was so short that i couldn't even risk raising my arms without revealing something that i don't think anyone would have been too pleased to see, so i think ill stick to wearing it as a top for now.

i love the shape of the top, it gives the illusion that i have luscious curves when really im as flat as a board :)

The Jeans are from primark, i actually bought them on my shopping trip that day. I've never been one to like primarks jeans/trousers as they always fit me funny, but these are the comfiest,best fitting jeans/trouser type thing's, iv ever owned. and i cant wait to get more colours. they were defiantly worth the half hour Que for the changing rooms and the 15 minuet Que to pay (ridiculous?!)

on my wrists I'm wearing my good old links bracelet, my watch that my brother got me and my tresor bracelet that my brother also got me (brothers do come in handy.. sometimes ;)

And to start the night of with a beautiful start i opened the door to this.

Yay, snow (!). fortunately the venue was literally five minuets away, but we did have a few scary slippery 'breaks arnt working were all gonna die' moments, that's always fun.

I had a lovely night,plenty of boogieing with my mum and her friends (who doesn't love a boogie?) and there were some of the most hilarious dancers (mainly boys) on the dance floor. a good kinda funny, it made my night and i love when people arnt afraid to have fun and make a bit of a fool outa them selves :P

Once again, a picture i think is cute to end off this post

My Cat And Dog are Best Friends.

Love Ella Martine

Friday, 3 February 2012

17 And loving life ;)

Hey guys, im 17! yay, which means..
  1. I can actually start to learn to drive.. say whaaatt?!
  2. I am no longer the toddler of my year at college. well.. im still 3 years younger then most of them. but 17 sounds better than 16..right?
  3. erm.. maybe ill stop being scared when home alone? or maybe not. 

So i thought id do a little 'birthday special' post. partly for anyone who wants to read this.. and partly so i can look back on this post and remind myself what i actually got etc :) 

I didnt do too much for my birthday this year, as i was at college on the day (Tuesday) and it was my longest day, from 8-7 pm. instead, i had my family and a few friends pop round on the Sunday for what my mum calls a 'tea party'.. really, its nothing like what it sounds, its not posh, at all. although we did have tea.. and nibbles.. and lots and lots of fruit cake (don't judge).

On to the prezzies :) 

 i Absolutely love all of my presents, this year i got quite alot of 'Good health' bracelets ect, so if i get ill again this year then i don't know WHAT will help :P

The purse i picked out myself. Love it, and its so spacey inside too which is perfect for me

The glass is from my auntie and i thought it was just so cute. love it

The mug is from my dad.. and iv gotta admit, he got it spot on with the quote. im not like that with everyone though.. just him ;)

I was so excited when my mum told me my auntie was coming over from America,so that she could bring me some new UGGS. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. i cant tell you how much i love these. i know uggs arnt everyone cup of tea. but they are my cuppa tea And cake.

I'm sure you'll be hearing plenty more about them..

I was also so happy when i unwrapped my mystery gift,when i found that my mum got me this Huge soap and glory set. i love soap and glory and ill defiantly be doing an in depth review of this within the next month, Just a hint though.. I LOVE.

I also got lots of other bits and bobs,i got a lot of money this year so expect a haul (!) my dads getting my driving lessons and he got me a coat that im in love with, so youll see that in an outfit of the day. and sweets and chocolate and mugs ect :) i am so pleased with what i got and i had a lovely day, and thankyou for all the birthday wishes :) xx

What would you like me to do next? i need suggestions please! hope you enjoyed this post and hope you all had a great start to the year.

Ella Martine xxxx