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Friday, 24 February 2012

Im Loving It!

Hey you's , just a quickly! iv been online *cough* window shopping like there's no tomorrow recently because the shops have got some absolute beauts  in store. I'm going through one of them times where i just hate everything in my wardrobe, and i think my style has changed quite a bit in the last year. I'm still not quite there with knowing exactly what it is yet, but iv been liking things that are just.. different!

One of my favourite summer trends is crop tops, and this year more then ever as there are some lovely little crop tops around. i do like the look of crop tops but feel they need to be worn right not to look.. tacky, high waisted shorts/skirts/jeans paired with them are pretty much a must for me.

Here are just a fraction of my faves at the mo. annoyingly i did write down a list of where they are all from and the prices, but my computer run out of battery and i lost the list! so for now there is no more than just the pictures, sorry!

My absolute favourites are the dungarees (iv been after a good pair for AGES but am yet to find my perfect ones) and the first crop top which i know is defiantly from river island. i love the back detailing and pattern and will defiantly be getting this in time for summer.

im actually ill with a chest infection at the mo, so haven't been at college. which makes me even more behind than i already am. things arnt good right now, but blogging does cheer me up :)

i was thinking of doing a 'how i do my eyebrows & what i use' kinda post.. would any of you like you see that?
i hope your all well.

Ela Martine xxxx


  1. I really like all of it, especially the first top, so cute! Now following :)

  2. really pretty stuff, I'm going to dig my dungarees out from the bottom of my wardrobe haha! x

    1. ugh, im jealous, i want a decent pair so bad!

  3. in loove witht those tops, and those dark denim high waisted shorts! Love them, great picks. :)
    Much love, Gabriele. xx

  4. I'm the same when you just think...I don't like my clothes haha! Lovely choices of clothes ...loving the denim. Yes! Fab idea for a post! Eyebrow post please! Love,x

  5. I love the first top, it's so pretty the back is gorgeous! x

  6. I love crop tops too! I just need it to be summer so I can start wearing them > . < x

  7. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! great photos love the cutout bustier! <3

    check out the international giveaway on my blog

  8. I get in so much trouble online window shopping, love your picks! I think a post about how you do your brows would be a great idea!
    Beauty Flawed

    1. will do! and i know, its dangerous. x

  9. Hi !! Nice look ...
    thanks for your coment ;p

    I invite you to comment on my blog ^.^

    Kisses ;**

    Nadine :*

  10. Really like all these pieces, such a nice collection!
    Love your blog, defiantly worth a follow hope you check out mine too :)


    Ruth xxxxx

  11. I love the denim shorts, you can never have to many pairs :) haha

  12. I love the first top its so pretty :) xx


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