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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

OOTN - Engagement party.. not mine.

 Hey beauty's, Saturday night i went to a family friends engagement party, and i quite liked my outfit so thought id do a post on it. please excuse my hair though, as i didn't have time to redo it and i had been out shopping (and freezing to death) all day, and i think it looks a little messy. oh well!

My top is from Dorothy Perkins about a year ago, i intended to use it as a dress, and i did, once. but it was so short that i couldn't even risk raising my arms without revealing something that i don't think anyone would have been too pleased to see, so i think ill stick to wearing it as a top for now.

i love the shape of the top, it gives the illusion that i have luscious curves when really im as flat as a board :)

The Jeans are from primark, i actually bought them on my shopping trip that day. I've never been one to like primarks jeans/trousers as they always fit me funny, but these are the comfiest,best fitting jeans/trouser type thing's, iv ever owned. and i cant wait to get more colours. they were defiantly worth the half hour Que for the changing rooms and the 15 minuet Que to pay (ridiculous?!)

on my wrists I'm wearing my good old links bracelet, my watch that my brother got me and my tresor bracelet that my brother also got me (brothers do come in handy.. sometimes ;)

And to start the night of with a beautiful start i opened the door to this.

Yay, snow (!). fortunately the venue was literally five minuets away, but we did have a few scary slippery 'breaks arnt working were all gonna die' moments, that's always fun.

I had a lovely night,plenty of boogieing with my mum and her friends (who doesn't love a boogie?) and there were some of the most hilarious dancers (mainly boys) on the dance floor. a good kinda funny, it made my night and i love when people arnt afraid to have fun and make a bit of a fool outa them selves :P

Once again, a picture i think is cute to end off this post

My Cat And Dog are Best Friends.

Love Ella Martine


  1. You look absolutely lovely :) I love the snow picture too!

  2. You look gorgeous sweetie and I love your little friends. I have one too and I adore him!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  3. i think you look fantastic and i like your shoes! :)

    p.s. the snow photo is beautiful!

    <3, Mimi
    Udderly Smooth Giveaway

  4. thankyou all for the lovely comments :)Xx

  5. you look really cute and love those wedges =)

  6. Hi !! Nice photos ;p

    I invite you to comment on my blog ^.^

    Kisses ;**

    Nadine ;*


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