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I am a 21 year old performer currently trying to make it happen. London girl. Love meeting new people and visiting new places. 

Friday, 10 February 2012

These Are a Few Of My Favourite Things!

Hello all, i hope you've all had a lovely week so far. Here are a few of my Favourite things of the week in pictures :) 

                                            me and my brother. we had a huge snowball fight too. iv gotta say,i've quite a good aim ;)

1-Iv been nibbling on a big bag of chocolate raisins and yogurt raisins since Tuesday. i got them on my way back from a hospital appointment in London. they're not the best iv ever had. but i still cant resist having at least a few everyday!

2- iv been enjoying the snow. as you can tell ;) we made this snowman in record breaking time. love it

3- Uh Oh. iv officially got the whole hunger game book series now. I've just about finished the first one and i am completely HOOKED. + i love the colourful covers!

3- while i was in London we couldn't resist a pop to covent garden as its just one more stop, and obviously we took a look (and smell!) in lush. these 2 are my Faves, i just had a huge bubble bath and moisturised with the bar after. the smell of the bubble bar is divine.

4- we also got samples of these soaps. iv never tried lush soaps before as im not a fan of how soap makes your skin feel but they do smell lovely so ill be giving them a try.

5- New little detail to my room. my mum got these little heart mirrors for me from Ikea. they were really easy to stick on and add something a little extra to my plain old wardrobe.

6- Last but certainly not least, my favourite lipstick of the week is my new Mac 'girl around town' i have been non-stop wearing it since i got it and i am in love with the colour. its got amazing staying power and iv had so many compliments since iv been wearing it. im sure you'll here more about this in upcoming posts :P

I am officially home for a week on half term now YAY. and you know what that means? LOTS more posts. i look forward to it, and i hope you all do too!

what would you like to see more of this week?

Ella'Martine xxxx


  1. i really enjoyed reading your blog. Your life seems very funny . I like make up too.
    I just ended posting photos of my make up collection .
    If you want you would make my day following my blog. I started following yours.



  2. great post..i dun that last nyt when it began snowing agen..who's the lad? ;)xx

  3. haha sorry! i forgot to say! he's my BROTHER haha xx

  4. That mac lippy looks beautiful on you, I'm so tempted to buy a red lipstick from mac but I'm too stingy to part with the money :P Although I suppose it would be really worth it for the staying power!

  5. Haha love your snowman! Your mirrors are super cute. xx

  6. I've heard lots of people say the Hunger Games is really good, I will have to start reading the books soon!
    That lipstick is a gorgeous shade, it really suits you!

    Gillian x

  7. loving your post! I do like a 'chatty' post :D
    you look fab with your brother. Have a great half term (i'm off too finally!)


  8. A lot of cute stuff here :)))
    I wish I had a sibling!


  9. Aw, nice stuff! Love chocolate raisins!

  10. He's hot!.. fancy playing cupid? hahahaxx


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