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Saturday, 7 January 2012

LUSH bubblegum lip scrub review.

hey lovelys. today i am going to review the lush bubblegum lip scrub,as you may have already guessed by the title ;) . I am a definite lush lover, but always tend to get drawn to the soaps and bath bombs more than anything else mainly because the smell is so bloody amazing,and because i Know they work,but as soon as i tasted this beauty of a thing, it was something that had to be purchased. perfect timing too, as in England its getting colder and colder & my lips are looking nothing better than unattractively chapped.


To start off with.. its pink. which i love, there are other flavours too like mint julips and sweet lips.but i was instantly attracted to the pinkness of this one. and the fact that it tastes like bubblegum of course.
The packaging is nice, it comes in a glass bottle with a screw lid, which i like. i also like that the pot is see-through so you can see how much product is left etc .The lip scrub is made out of 2 main ingredients, Castor sugar,which they claim to act as a gentle scrub, and jojoba oil,which they say is wonderfully moisturising but light enough not to leave your lips feeling greasy (Felt like i needed to put on a posh voice when reading that back to myself.. ha).

As you can see it just looks like pink sugar, and I'm sure you could make this your self if you wanted too,but if your as lazy as me, would make a mess of things and would rather spent £4.95. then this is a great product. it does what it says on the tin. it exfoliates your lips perfectly and you need half the amount i have on my finger in the picture,so it will last for a decent amount of time. I put this on in the morning,lick off the bubblegum flavoured excess(yay), and then put my lipstick on.And might i add, my lipstick has never gone on so smoothly or looked so good. as it creates a silky smooth base for your lipstick.

i completely agree with the claims lush make on this lip scrub. it clearly removes all dead skin,and can be used on the go as it isn't too messy and doesn't need to be wiped off,as its edible (which is always a plus if your anything like me !)It also doesn't leave your lips feeling at all greasy,just moisturised and soft! perfect for the winter months.

I WILL stop raving about this product now.there is only so much 'good stuff' you can say before you start to get boring ;) But 5/5 for Lush's Bubblegum lip scrub :)

Click here To see the lip scrub on the lush website..

Hope this helped anyone thinking of buying this :)

Ella'Martine. xxxx


  1. I must get this in my life!

  2. omg this is what Ive been looking fooooorrrr...Traveling through different climates leave my lips feeling dry and the aircraft.. adds to shopping cart!


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