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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

New Additions!

Well hello there you beauty's. guess what i have? some cheeky few additions to my already overflowing wardrobe. yay. :D soo i had a little retail therapy today,i didn't get much, because i don't want to go shopping right before Christmas just in case somebody gets me what I've just bought.. all the serious business will be done after Christmas And my birthday (31st of Jan,write it in your diary ;) with any moneys that i get :P
      but for the time being i got 3 tops to tide me over until i am free to shop,guilt free,once again!

Of course,i started off going straight to primark. and my god it was ridiculously busy in there.. but what do i expect? its 4 days before CHRISTMAS! I'd had my eye on this leopard print blouse for a while, but for some reason i never picked it up to try it on. when i saw my friend wearing it and realised how lovely it looked on, i couldn't pass,after all, its leopard print..and I'm the first to admit i am a devoted leopard print lover ;) I think this blouse looks rather flattering on,and i love how the back is longer than the front so its perfect with leggings. £10 pounds..bargain.

The Next thing that caught my eye(apart from the whole shop..but i couldn't buy it all) in primark was this simple dark grey and light grey striped jumper.. the thing that caught my eye most was purely the simplicity,i love how I'd be able to overload on accessories because the top is just simple. it's actually a really warm jumper,trust me iv found out the hard way. trying on all these winter clothes indoors with the heating full blast really took it out of me! ha ha. i love the high neckline and i am on the lookout for them collar type of necklace That i think would go perfectly with this.

next i went on to Tk maxx,the most stressful but rewarding shop of them all ;) i seriously love the shop and if you have the Patience you can get some seriously good deals.. Annoyingly this picture doesn't do this jumper justice. it just looks like a grey jumper in the pic. but in real life it has a diamond pattern all over which is slightly see through, but its so pretty. this jumper if from a brand called 'sweewe paris' which i have never heard of but every time i picked up something i liked it was that brand.. i think its because the jumpers are so snuggely soft that the feel of it instantly attracts me to them. next time i go to tk maxx i will be keeping an eye out for this brand because i Love the jumper.

Finally i took a trip into sports direct as they were having a majour sale,and i found this extra warm.. hmm,i have no idea what to call it.. Eskimo hat?.. Eskimo hat it is.
i think it was about a tenner which is a bargain,and i will defiantly be wearing this when it snows,which seems like it will be any day now!

feel free to comment and tell me what you think.. and have you done abit of cheeky shopping for yourself before Christmas? or are you being good and patient and waiting until the sales??


  1. wow that hats amazing xoxo



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