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Friday, 16 March 2012

The secret to my winged eyeliner..

Now, lets get one thing straight. its not much of a secret.. but i couldn't think of a better title for today. woops!
Im going to try and make this post as quick and simple as possible. my everyday makeup usually consists of a medium winged eyeliner and a lot of mascara. and i've often had people ask what i use etc. so i thought - why not do a blog post dedicated to it ?

I used to use liquid liner, which i didn't find hard to use and every now and then when I'm feeling lazy i do go back to it, but i have now discovered the magical thing called gel eyeliner. this was about 4/5 months ago, previous to that gel eyeliners were mainly constricted to higher end makeup brands until i saw that maybelline had jumped on the bandwagon. good for them! (and for my purse ;) 

i have now used *Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner* almost every single day for the past 4/5 months, and its still going strong. 

(just imagine this is clean..ha )
The maybelline gel eyeliner comes in a glass container with a silver tin lid. i think the packaging is pretty sleek and doesn't look at all cheep. 

as you can see, iv used quite alot, but this picture was taken about 3 and a half months down the line, and considering i use it everyday, its lasted very well..
There is a very reasonable amount of eyeliner for the price, which at a measly £6, isn't something that's gonna brake the bank. 

now there would be no point buying a gel eyeliner, without having a brush. and maybelline have clearly thought of this too, as the eyeliner comes with a nifty little brush that i Have applied it with before, and it does the job. so if you didn't want to go and purchase a brush aswell, then you could defiantly use that. for me, i like my eyeliner to be super sharp and the flick to be as perfect as i can manage, and i just couldn't get that with the brush that came with it. so instead i use a Bare minerals eyeliner brush.

 This eyeliner brush is extremely thin, making it perfect for precise thin lines, as well as build-able sharp thick lines. 

As you can see this eyeliner is as black as black can get, and that's what makes me love it even more. i have heard lots about gel eyeliners drying out after a month or 2, but im 4/5 months in now, and it may have dried up a little, but is 100% still usable and still applys really well, so i will defiantly be re-purchacing this.

i hope this helped all of you eyeliner lovers out there!

Ella Martine xxxx


  1. I stick with the cheapest and easiest to use - Essence which is shaped like a pen. I'm a boy when it comes to make up.

  2. i might have to pick some after i run out of my mac fluid line. Looks really nice.

  3. This looks great, I'm definetely tempted to try a gel eyeliner now !

  4. I'm so hopeless with liquid and gel liners! But you look amazing xxx

  5. looks amazing!
    i wish i could use make-up, i find it so difficult though
    you've applied it perfectly and it looks amazing :)

  6. thanks so much! i'm hoping to figure this out soon myself :)


  7. You have amazing cat-eye winged liner skills! Thanks for sharing this review x

  8. Wow it looks so great on you! I used to use gel eyeliner as well, I might just go back to it!

  9. looks really good, my friend got that when we went shopping - on offer for £5 wish I got it now :L xxx

  10. I love how you apply your eyeliner!
    Stunning :)

    -Sydney xo


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