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Sunday, 11 March 2012

A catch-up,OOTD & a Little haul for you all ;)

Hey guys, how are you all?! i know iv been so bad with my blogging recently, but I'm back and here's a little run through of whats been going on if any ones interested!

-Stressful times at college, iv been practising for my assessments, and actually did my singing assessment on Wednesday, which went well :) we had to sing a song in front of an audience and i had about 80 people watching me, so it was pretty darn nerve racking! we had to dress nice, so seeing this is partly a makeup & fashion blog, what better than to show you what i wore ? ;)
funnily enough iv had this dress since i was about 13 and its from tammy.. who would have thought ? ;)

Other than that, i had a week off ill with a kidney and chest infection which was pretty rough, but im feeling much better now *touch wood!*

Now, on with Outfit of the day, then the haul

 excuse the silly face, i was having one of them days when i just couldn't take a serious photo. although i did like how my makeup came out that day, so thought id capture it..

 i know, crap quality and taken in primark changing rooms (which are much improved iv gotta say!)

I'm home for the weekend now and me and my mum went shopping, i got a few goodies and let me just say i am absolutely loving primark at the moment, some brilliant summer stuff in, and i cant wait to get my hands on some dosh so i can have a big spend up!

Now, on to what many of you may have been wanting to see in the first place.. The Haul!

 I fell in love with this jumper as soon as i saw it, and when i saw it was reduced to a fiver, i couldn't resist! unfortunately there were only sizes 8 and 18 left, and i wanted a slouchy fit anyway, so the 18 it was, and it fits fine!

 Like you may have seen in my window shopping post, I'm all for the crop tops this summer. but seeing as the ones in topshop&river island are £15 +, i thought id pick up this cute little one for 3 pound, why not?

 for my acting and voice assessments my college want us to wear a black skirt and white shirt, and i was shocked to realise i didn't own one black skirt.. surely that's a crime or something? this ribbed bandu type skirt is really well made and isnt too short, i think it was around £6 , and i know ill be wearing it again. i actually think it would look nice with the orange jumper over.
 iv been eyeing this up for a few weeks now in h&m, and finally bought this vest top that Screams summer. i love the colour, iv always loved this kind of green and it seems to be so in this spring/summer, iv seen it everywhere! at the price of £7.95 i thought it would be great with denim shorts, and...

 this black bandu top from newlook underneeth. im abit gutted that i didnt wait longer to get a bandu top because now iv seen some in primark in all different coloures and they'r cheaper and much more detailed! this was £5. Oh well
finally, i got this adorable little onsie pajama from primark, its so cozy and perfect for summer as its so light. i think it was around £6. Im abit of a pajama hoarder, so these are a welcome addition to my collection ;)

hope you enjoyed this long rather rambely post, how have you all been ?!

Leave a link to any recent hauls you have down below and i'll check them out.

lots of  love!

Ella'Martine. xxxx


  1. Those are all super cute great haul!
    Beauty Flawed

  2. the dress looks so pretty on you! x

  3. You look gorgeous in the floral dress :) I really like these playsuit-pyjamas in Primark at the moment - think I'll pick some up for summer/my holiday :)

    1. thankyou !! and do it, i love 'em! x

  4. thanks for your lovely comment! i love your outfits here, the floral dress is amazing! am now following you :) x

    1. no problem hun, thankyou so much :) xx

  5. love the bag and that orange jumper!


  6. cute!!!


  7. Sorry you were ill! I love all your bargains, especially the Primark pjs they're too cute. xxx

    1. dont be :) i feel fine now, and i know how cute Are they?! xxx

  8. Please follow my blog http://cincity26.blogspot.com/ it'll make me smile :)

  9. oh gosh I def dont miss college

  10. Hi! Love your blog! I follow you! Please, follow me too!
    Thanks and kisses from spain

  11. That dress is gorgeous and great buys! xo

  12. Totally loving your style - got some good choices in your haul! New follower :) and hope you feel better!!


  13. very cool blog - follow u <3




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