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Friday, 20 April 2012

REVIEW- maybelline colour tattoo. are they worth the hype?!

 you don't have to tell me, i know, im already incredibly late on the whole scene of this, but iv had these for a few months now, and though it was time that i blabber on and tell you all what i think of them.

The maybeline colour tattoos have been a much raved about product in the beauty community, and all iv seen is rave reviews. i wanted to know what all the fuss was about so i went out and bought the limited 3 colours that were stored in my local superdrug

although the colour selection in, well , quite frankly everywhere iv looked has been very limited, i am rather pleased with the colours i have. eternal gold (middle) and on and on bronze (right) Are 2 colours that i knew i would use alot, and tenacious Teal i thought would be nice to wear under the bottom lashes. i suppose its not maybellines thought for the lack of stock in superdrug or boots, but i really would love to try some of these fantastic colours.

i must admit i haven't got as much use out of these as i would have hoped too. partly because i have a very limited colour range to choose from. once applied you have to work extremely fast with them as they dry within 30 seconds, and let me tell you, once they dry they DO NOT budge. which is exactly what there supposed to do. im very impressed with the staying power of these, and as a dancer i defiantly put them to the test with plenty of sweating and fast rough changes. 

the texture is easy to work with and bendable. and over all i am pretty impressed with these creme shadows, and i would definitely recommend them. iv heard they are a great alternative to macs paint pots, although i've never tried one. and at around £5.00 each, bearing in mind when i bought mine maybelline had a 3 for 2 deal, they're certainly not gonna brake the bank.

have any of you tried these, and what are your thoughts? also, would anyone like a post on my first bikini was experience, lol,very random but thought i'd ask!

Ella,martine xxxxx


  1. you are a stunner! thanks for the review. Im going to see if i can scrounge around to find one of these !

    xx My Vogue Obsession

  2. Looking beautiful!! I'd love to try the blue eyeshadow one day:-)Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    NY Style Examiner

  3. Lovely post!! I really want to try these, did you just apply them with a normal eyeshadow brush? because i'm at a loss as to how to work them!
    Also i'd love to see a bikini post, be very interesting :)

    1. i just apply them if its on the lid, using my finger to apply and blend as theyr so easily blendable. and if its under the eye i just use a thin eyeliner brush. and ok that will be on my list of things to do then :) Thanks for the comment xx

  4. These look lovely! I'm so tempted, they sound so wearable and such a reasonable price too xxx

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  6. your following button does`t work, why? :X


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