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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

We Got chickens!

YES.. real life egg laying chirping clucking chickens! can you tell this excites me?

For years me and my mother have wanted 2 things.. a sphynx being one of them, we got him almost 2 years ago and he is just gorgeous (you will be seeing him in posts to come). The second being chickens. we had the space in the garden, so no problem there but we just hadn't bothered to look for any being sold! until now. 

My auntie lives closer to the luscious fields of the Hertfordshire country side, so naturally there are a few more chicken owners around there. Her next door neighbour was about to take his pet chickens to the slaughter home as they 'weren't laying'.. my auntie, knowing that we had wanted some for a while called my mum and they went to pick them up. 5 chickens, for free. slightly skinny but they just needed a good feeding and abit of TLC. Myself and my nan spent a whole 12 hours building their coop in the corner of our garden.
we used an old unused shed for their home, and we made a little run with chicken wire all around to stop them escaping. In the shed there are 2 old Guinea pig cages that they use both to sleep in and to lay their eggs. yes its all abit makeshift.. odds and sods here and there, but we have had the chickens for a few weeks now, and they couldn't be happier.

A picture of the chickens roaming around in their little garden. there is an apple tree right above them, so when the apples fall down they love to tuck into them. 

Our chickens also love to roam free in our garden during the day,while we are at home.

the inside of the coop /shed looks like this. makeshift old Guinea pig cages, they use all levels and sleep inside of them. they lay their eggs in the closed departments.. 

                   Oh, did I mention we get 5 eggs a day?

    Enough eggs to feed my whole neighbourhood.!

Speak soon!

Ella Xx

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