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Monday, 23 January 2012

Pink,Blue and a New lipstick too!

Hey Guys, check this.. first makeup look,like,ever posted. how exciting ;)

I got A new lipstick by NYC as i was getting my medication in the chemist the oher day, i Can never resist the makeup stands while waiting to get my weekly dose up ;) 
i instantly fell in love with this lipstick.. the colour is Called Blue Rose, which suites it perfectly as  although you cant tell in the photos, it has a slight blue/purple tint reflex thing going on, so i decided to play on that with the eyes :P

OK, so I'm defiantly no makeup artist. but i don't think this looks too awful? please correct me if I'm wrong, otherwise ill be going round thinking my makeup looks great when actually i look like a drag queen.. i do love to mess about with makeup in my spare time, and at one point wanted to be a makeup artist as my second career choice,that won't happen.. i just liked the thought as my auntie is one in America (<3)
I'd defiantly rock this look on a night out.. but for day to day i think ill be sticking to my winged eyeliner ;)

Haha i hate seeing my skin close up in a picture. you can see every little flaw. lovely

On my eyes i am wearing a blue and purple eyeshadow from an elf pallet.pretty good quality seeing as i got it for free when i ordered over 15 quid. deal?!
i left my face pretty bare, with foundation and just a light flush of blush ,as the eyes are heavy and i don't want to look like one big cakey mess.
This will, I'm sure, be another truly loved lipstick added to my (ever growing) collection, i may do a full review on it in the near future. would you like one?

What do you think of this look? Love or Loath? and please let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this, or if not, what you would like to see?

Love you all :P

Ella'Martine xxxx


  1. Your eyes look great, very neat! Lovely! The lipstick is lovely too, but i dont suit this tone on my skin.


  2. A lovely shade!

  3. I LOVE THIS LOOK MISSES! you look fab..flaws what flaws! :)
    What do you use to get such crisp lines on your eye makeup? I love elf, and those colours are lovely:)
    You have made me want to get this lipstick. I feel a superdrug trip in my lunch break tomorrow x

  4. elliebea,thankyou gorgeous. haha your so kind but no lol.. and i litrally just did it messy, then with a wet wipe wiped off the corner to get it like that. haha, no fancy tricks up my sleves there :P and oo let me know if you get it ! x

  5. and thankyou for the lovely comments girlys . x

  6. Hehe your welcome! And ah okay:) I heard type works good too so I thot make you had used that:)
    I will, I'm sure to write a little post about it, will tag you of course hehe.

  7. you are so beautiful !
    Definitely gonna try that out


  8. Sooo pretty!! You should definitely do more!


  9. You are stunning chicky! Love your vibe :), hope the mascara works for you if you do decide to try it out ;)! x

  10. I love each piece separately, but I think I would probably do one or the other to put the focus on each of them on their own!


  11. Your make up looks really nice, I love the eye make up! I like the lipstick too, at first from the picture I was worried it would be too bright and too blue, but on the lips in looks lovely.xo


  12. You should deffo do a review of it.. and thanks hun! x great look im following you, your really talented :)

  13. thankyou for commenting and telling me what you think guys,appreciate it :P

  14. Wow, cool make up you look so fresh and nice! :)

  15. wowww great job and your are gorgeoussss! love your makeup!!!

    and thanks for your sweet comment!


  16. This lippy suits you amazingly! I had to laugh at your comment on the close up pic, your skin looks fabulous! What flaws, crazy lady :)



  17. You look so pretty! That lip color is such a gorgeous shade! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


  18. What a lovely look! Looove the eyeshadow! It's amazing!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  19. Nice blog....
    Thanks for the comment on my blog.
    Janelle Monae is very inspiring.


  20. Your eye makeup is flawless here, and the lipstick shade really suits you :) xx

  21. I love it! Your eyes look so gorgeous and the lipstick is such a lovely colour


  22. Nice look!


  23. Really pretty lippy and your skin is FLAWLESS!! Love that eye make up too :)

    Drea xo


  24. You look gorgeous! I'm useless at make up, eyeliner is as much as I can do without looking like a clown. xx

  25. WOW, your eyes and lips look amazing!! You're one seriously pretty gal!! haha

  26. Great make up, I love the colors you used and I love the color of that lipstick, it looks especially good on you. You are really talented and have pretty features! Your blog is lovely and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  27. You are soo pretty. I am gona buy that colour tomoro .. It's fab! Your eyebrows are so clean do you thread them? Xx

  28. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)

    I love your eye make up, it looks so pretty :) xx

  29. OOH thanks you ! ♥

    You are sooo beautiful! :o

    (& I also love your outfits :))

    I'm following


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