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Saturday, 28 January 2012

My week, In Pictures :)

Hello, i hope you're all well and have had a lovely week. I've seen quite a few post now, containing 'My week in pictures' and i find them quite enjoyable to read,well, see. so i thought I'd do one myself out of the pictures i have taken through out the week.

This week has been pretty hectic. its the first week I've been back at dance college doing pretty much everything in months! so that's good. we started off the week doing
  • plenty of ballet and point work
  • I've eaten about 5 creme eggs this week.. oh why does the Easter stuff have to come out so damn early?! i am weak willed when it comes to creme eggs. very weak willed..
  • valentines day is coming up.. and when i got home i saw this lovely rose on the table! what a surprise, it wasn't for me.. but when is it ever for me? haha, i thought it was pretty anyway :P
  • love coming home on weekends as teddy's always so excited to see me. cutie.
  • arabesque's in my landlady's lounge in onsies - always fun.;)
  • Now, i felt the need to add something slightly beauty related. This, is my every day red lipstick.. yes, lipstick! and its shaped like lips.. genius. unfortunately i have no idea where my mother got this from. but i dread the day it runs out as this is my most perfect lipstick ever <3
  • for the past week, well, month really, i have been absolutely addicted to the Hunger games. amazing book, although it has been stopping my early nights as i just cannot put it down!
  • And Finally, to end the week off On a rubbish note . i have now got a swollen ankle and cannot walk on it, yet alone dance. I'd tore the ligaments in it a year or 2 ago, and now its just playing up again. always the way, just getting back into things and yet another obstacle gets in my way.. Oh well!

 To finish off this post, i thought id share this stunning picture my auntie took. shame she lives in America.. i would do anything to be somewhere like that right now!

How has your week been, and what posts would you like to see from me in the upcoming week?

P.S- Birthday on Tuesday! :P

Ella' Martine xxxx


  1. Aww your dog is so cute! Im sorry about your foot, hope it gets better! America looks amazing, i too want to live there! Happy Birthday for Tuesday!


  2. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing with us! <3

  3. oh the hunger games, i've been doubting to read the book, but i think i'm going to buy it!

  4. I have literally eaten about 5 cream eggs too haha! They are amazing :P xx

  5. Lovely photo's, you've really made me want to go and get a cream egg now, havn't had one in years!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  6. Lovely blog.

  7. Great blog xx maybe we can follow each other xx thanks for your comments over at my blog xx I could just go a cream egg - yummy xx

  8. I love ballet. It's so beautiful! x


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