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Monday, 30 January 2012

Favourite mascara of the moment.

Hey guys.. happy monday! and yay, that means tomorrow is tuesday which means I'm 17 tomorrow!
Today I'm gonna be giving you the secret to my luscious lashes.. LOL (not.) what i will be telling you is what mascara i am using and loving as of now.
 I started using L'oreal's mascara 'volume million lashes' after i heard a great review from fleurdeforce,which is linked just in case you don't know of her from you tube,which I'm sure you do, i heard she loved it a few months back and by the look of her lashes, i decided it looked pretty darn good and wanted to try it for myself.

Its now been a few months since i first started wearing this mascara. first thoughts were Wow. what a dramatic difference it was, compared to my old favourite maybelline volume express one by one mascara. i had used that for well over a year and was welcoming a good old change.

The wand is nice, it has plastic bristles, which I'm a neutral fan of. I'm really not fussy if the bristles are plastic or not, i just care if the mascara works if I'm honest! it claims not just to volumise,but millionize your lashes for a 'maxed-up, fanned-out effect'

I love the packaging. i think it looks expensive but not OTT.
Personally i think the claims are slightly exaggerated.. shock horror.. but what makeup brand doesn't exaggerate things?! it defiantly fans out your lashes, and adds crazy amount of volume and length to them, without them being extra clumpy(my opinion)

But what do you think? see for yourself :P
Gosh, please ignore the bald patch in my lashes. i have no idea why that's there, there were just no lashes to put mascara on to?! I'm pretty sure they're all back when I'm actually writing this post... weird.
As you can see, the mascara gives you a massive amount of volume and length. i like to have really quite full lashes on a day to day basis. so this mascara is absolutely spot on for my every day mascara. i have been using it now for roughly 2 months and i still love it just as much as i did the first time i put it on. the mascara is still going strong, there seems to be plenty left and it hasn't dried out yet what so ever. although i guess i should think about replacing this soon for hygiene reasons..

Its not the cheapest drugstore mascara at around £11. But for me, its worth every penny.

I love trying out new mascaras, so if you've got any suggestions please leave them down below :)

Hope you enjoyed.

Ella martine.xxxx


  1. I've been wanting to try this, frankly the packaging looks expensive which is what's drawn me to it! Might have to pick up a tube now, do you find it clumps at all? I HATE clumping!

  2. I love Volume Million Lashes! When it first came out I avoided it because I thought its tagline, "millionize your lashes" was ridiculous, but I'm so glad I tried it! Recently I've been going for a less dramatic look and haven't used a volumising mascara, but I think I'll be back to the best next time! xx

  3. I've heard lots of good things about this, maybe I'll give it a go when my other mascaras run out! x

  4. I've heard great things about this mascara and i really want to try it out! £11 is quite pricey though...


  5. Thats the one I use too its awesome.

    NRC ♥

  6. The packaging is lovely! I would try it but I love Maybelline too much so I'm totally loyal to them ha xx

  7. Wow that´s such a great mascara, incredible!



  8. Thankyou all! does ANYONE know how i reply to comments directly? im so confused.. i click on reply and get no responce. would appreciate some technical help please! :) Xxx

  9. Pretty nice ! Have to try it too !!! XOXO

  10. I been looking to get a new mascara might get this now looks great x


  11. gorgeous lashes! i really love this mascara :) it's a classic xx

    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  12. thankyou, yes if your looking for a good mascara that is pretty dramatic then youll love this! Xxx

  13. Thank you for your comment darling!

    Great blog! I follow!


  14. Wow, it looks amazing! What a result!


  15. hahaha missing lashes comment made me laugh 'pretty sure they're all back' its the cameras not your lashes im sure im missing half an eyebrow on some of my pics :S

    Thanks so much for the lovely message you wrote on my blog im new as you know and wasnt sure anyone would be interested. Im going to read through your blog and follow x


  16. WOW awesome mascara... loving the results on your lashes :)



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