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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hand me downs, But lets just call them vintage?

Hello :) so,as you may have guessed iv been given these bags, which are actually my mums.. i come home to find a bunch of new bags in my wardrobe,then mum came in and said she never wore them anymore, so i can have them.. result?! if I'm honest, i love hand me downs. i used to get them alot from older friends growing up, but seeing as me and my friends are pretty much fully grown now, and the fact that I'm taller than alot of my friends, i don't get any anymore :(

...Not until these baby's anyway

 Now I'm being abit of a useless blogger today, as i cant tell you where any of these bags are from.. but i guess that doesn't matter as most are over 15 years old anyway, so you wouldn't find them anymore i guess.

This is a small ish bag, with a brown shoulder strap and beige leather ..bagness bit.. its got a zip on the front and A few pocket zips inside they'r always handy. I've never even seen my mum wear this bag. so its either so old that i don't remember, or she just never wore it

Next! this is a normal to big sized black bag.. just in case you cant see that for yourself.. :') I really like this bag actually and can see myself getting a fair bit of use out of it, as i currently don't own any other black bags. real leather,which is always nice for me, it has a nice interior,with a zip to put all your bits and bobs in.

Now this.. i can most defiantly vouch for, is not vintage.. or old.. or used at all. my mum was given it by somebody this summer and has never used it so gave it to me. i, on the other hand, i always liked it and wanted to get the same my self. its from primark by the way. most defiantly a summer bag to shove a few bits in and go out with. lightweight -which i love for summer, obviously not real leather (can you even get real leather from primark?!) But i will be getting loads of use out of this this summer,which may i add, i would love to hurry up!

 Last but not least is my favourite bag of the hand me down day! you might have seen this in my previous post 'Leopard print for nando's'
i love this, don't know why my mum didn't wear it more often! its leather and a gorgeous Brown/red colour which i cant explain and which isn't coming out particularly well on camera (useless blogger example 2) it has 2 little zip pockets either side, which i put my lipsticks in, and it has a few on the inside too. it does brand its self as prada, which i highly doubt as it was brought abroad.. but that doesn't really affect how much i like the bag in its self anyway. love it.

Do you like any of these bags? whats your favourite and when was the last time/have you ever had a hand me down? id love to know

Ella martine xxxx


  1. Hi, just came across your blog and I really like it so I've subscribed. Plus I'm obsessed with bags so LOVE this post! :-)

    Please check out my blog too :-)

  2. You're so lucky! My mum's like me and won't part with any of her stuff ha x

  3. aww so nice of your mum they gorgeous <3 x


  4. haha thanks girls, yes i was so happy. better her giving it to me than throwing it away i suppose :P xx

  5. Great pictures!!
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  6. great bags! In love with your blog!


  7. lovely post! :) i love all of those bags, very jelious! :')
    love the photo of you as a little girl in your header, so so so sweet:D

    away to do a post, hehe:D as always keep your eyes open.


    love xxx


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