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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Christmas sales Haul! x

Hello beautiful people! Happy new year!! this year has generally been a pretty good one for me, although there have been some tragedies along the way, i feel like i have excited more than failed this year :)
i hope you have all had the year you had hoped for, and if not, then Here's to 2013. my life is going way too quick right now!
to finish off 2012 in the perfect way, i am going to do a haul on some bargains i have picked up in the Christmas sales.. yay!! 

New Look.new look is one of my fave places to shop when it has sales on, although i very rarely go in there otherwise! there sales are just too good to resist and never disappoint me!

                                                                      £9 reduced from £19.99
I actually got these shorts on 2 separate shopping trips. i first bought the grey pair on a whim without trying them on, and i did have my eye on the blue pair but my size wasn't available. i got home and tried them on and, i must admit, fell a little bit in love.. i then went shopping again today and saw the navy pair in my size so snatched them up straight away! i honestly cannot wait to rock these, the high waist is just the right height and they fit like a glove. i could have probably got away with going a size down because they are so stretchy.. although thinking about it i don't want to be flashing Too much bum cheek ;)

                                     Brown ankle boots-£10.00      Burgundy Chain heels-12.00

like i said in my last post, i will soon be turning 18 and so i thought it a perfect time to stock up on some heels. and what better time to stock up on heels than when there are huge sales everywhere?! to be honest, my mum actually picked both of these out, otherwise i don't think i would have spot them. but once i tried them on, they were mine! they're both really comfy, the brown ones will be nice for something more casual like going to a bar or pub, and the Burgundy ones are perfect for anything more dressy. the colour is also gorgeous

H&M is another place to find a great bargain or 2. i actually had a £25.00 gift card so i ended up paying nothing for these 2!
£10 reduced from £25 (i think) 
 I haven't taken this slouchy baby pink knit jumper off since i got it! its so soft and effortless and with jeans and a pair of uggs or docs it just looks perfect. you cant really get the true colour of it by this picture.. but I'm sure you will see it pop up in an outfit of the day some day soon!

£15 reduced from £25 or over (sorry my memory is awful!)

Absolutely LOVE this dress, and i was so close to buying it full price but didn't as there wasn't my size there, a week later and what do you know, its in the sale! the picture isn't really don't it justice as the material is a purple velvet leopard print. the front can open up low to show a bit of cleavage if you lucky enough to have any, i for one, do not, so i will probably be using the little popper to make it a little less revealing on me. never the less this looks absolutely gorgeous on, and would have been my NYE dress if i had somewhere to go!

 before you look at these and are about to go and get them, NO, these were not in the sale unfortunately ha ha. actually i got them from my dad for Christmas and completely forgot to include them in my Christmas haul Here.  i have wanted a pair of docs for about 4 years now but have never had the guts to actually get them, but now i have them i couldn't be happier! these along with my uggs are literally my only everyday form of shoe wear for now and i can guarantee for the rest of winter. In Love. £105

(my hat is from a market stall ages ago, and i absolutely love it. although its annoying because i can only really wear it if i have straightened my hair! )

Happy new year, i hope your doing something more exciting than me! what have you bought in the sales?

Ella Martine xxxx


  1. Happy new year to you too darling, have a fab year! ;) Love those acid wash shorts in the first pic!!

  2. Yay welcome back! You got some fab bargains, I was sooo disappointed with the sales this year xxx

  3. Great finds! Love the sweater and shoes!
    The Introverted Brunette

  4. Love the boots, they will look so cute with the shorts!


  5. Great bargains :) I got some good ones in New Look too :)


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