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I am a 21 year old performer currently trying to make it happen. London girl. Love meeting new people and visiting new places. 

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Merry christmas and a happy new year. xx

hello everyone! YES! its me! really, i am alive.. i hope you didn't worry yourself too much! ;)
i know iv been away for a hella long time but I'm back and rearing to do some new exciting blog posts :P i will do an update on what iv been doing and why iv been gone if you'd like me too.. but if your not interested.. lets get onto my


i hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and wish you all a happy and healthy 2013. i for one love a good old Christmas haul, and for anyone out there who likes to watch/see them too, this is for you :P

 i came downstairs on Christmas day and the first thing i opened was the box i had had my eye on over the past few days. i opened up the box and out popped some brand spanking new black Uggs! if you don't know this about me already, i am a huge ugg fan, and they are pretty much the shoes i wear constantly at dance college because of there comfyness! i already have a pair of classic short brown ones and some tall buttoned chestnut ones, but black will go with simply everything and i have been wanting them for a while! THANK YOU MOTHER.

 my brother got me the big red Ted baker bag which i had no idea about but its perfect. its the absolute perfect size to carry my college stuff back on the trains when coming home for the weekend and the design is spot on for me!

my bestfreind got me a really classic black clutch bag (which is poking out the top left corner). i gave her a hint to what i would like and she got it spot on. i will soon be turning 18, and that cannot come soon enough with how I'm feeling right now, and this black clutch bag is the perfect size and colour to go with absolutely everything when i am partying hard ;)

Now.. what you've all been waiting for! whats in the mac bag Ella? Well.. this is one of the most unexpected and thoughtful gifts of all! my other older brother got me a £50 mac voucher along with an hour and a half makeup lesson/tutorial type thing with one of the mac makeup artists! i am so excited to use this! but i do want to wait for a time that i will be able to use it, and then go out looking hot with my professionally done makeup ;) i love mac, but its so expensive for me to buy and i have only ever bought lipsticks! so this time i may treat myself to a mineralised skin finish or foundation of some sort :P any recommendations let me know please!

 my auntie was over for Christmas this year which was exciting, as she lives and works in los Angele's USA as a makeup artist. she gave me this incredibly thoughtful gift of Amazing quality makeup including mac and sheer glow. i am completely overwhelmed by this and have never had so many high end brands in one room before! some shades and products are for stage (i am a dancer) and others for everyday use, and i have quite a few that i have been using everyday so far! i will defo be doing an updated 'whats in my makeup bag' of some sort very soon!

lastly, but in my books by no means least.. sweets!! I have a complete sweet tooth, always have and always will. . and if you cant beat it, might as well indulge in it! (the jelly beans are already half gone.. hello dentist)

i was very lucky as i always am this year, and had a lovely Christmas day with excess amounts of food, very competitive family games, and a surrounded by my mums family, and a lovely boxing day with my dads family that i don't see as often, which included more gifts like this beautiful book full of dancers and different artistic dance poses.. i absolutely love it and it is defiantly the kind of inspiration i need at this time of year!

i hope you all had a fantastic Christmas surrounded by loved ones, any Christmas hauls or Christmas posts you want me to checkout, just write a comment down below and ill be right on it!

see you soon

Ella Martine xxx


  1. Love the Ted Baker bag! Happy new year. :)

  2. You got so much nice stuff :) I love the Ted Baker bag, it's so cute!
    I hope you have a lovely new year :)
    emmerliejay x

  3. thankyou :) i love the bag too! happy and healthy new year to you all xx

  4. surprisingly, the phone cover has not chipped! its not cement hard, so there's flexibility to it ;) cute blog girl!

  5. just came across your blog and its so lovely. i love "dancers among us". its just awesome.


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