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Saturday, 31 December 2011

My Beauty faves of 2011!

Hey beautiful people. sooo this is the first blog I've made on my new laptop.. yay! ;)

I've decided to do a beauty favourites of 2011,seeing as i don't buy enough makeup to do beauty favourites every month.. And the fact that I've only just started blagging ;) its weird.. feels like I've been a blogger forever!

I narrowed it down,which was pretty traumatic.. to just 10 items. i did start off with my whole makeup collection,but i didn't think that would have been to much use to any of you!

 Here are the items i chose, tbh they're all products that i use almost every single day.. so maybe i was being abit dramatic.. it wasn't That hard to find my faves of 2011..

below will be an individual picture of every product and a short description explaining why i like it :)

No7 Essential moisture Night cream. i use this every night without fail. I've been using this moisturiser for years now and it never fails to impress me. i have ridiculously dry skin,and this leaves it feeling thoroughly moisturised,and even more importantly.. Not tight. i hate that feeling. I used to use this in the morning also,before i found this little gem below... ;)

This was my second purchase from No7, The essential moisture day fluid, and i love it just as much as the first. this isn't as heavy as the Night cream,which is pretty convenient as i wouldn't want to walk out the door looking like a Greece ball. its perfect for putting on before i put on my makeup, it sets into the skin nicely and leaves a good base for foundation. I think both the creams are around the 10 pound range,which isn't too extravagant. but with the No7 £5 vouchers you get from boots they're a bargain!

Continuing on the 'creams' theme,this hand cream from body shop has been my saivour. its the 'Almond hand &nail Butter and is for all skin types. this is the best hand moisturiser (in my opinion) EVER. cant say enough for this hand cream. i am quite the hand cream lover and am garunteed to moisturise my hands atleast once a day before i go to bed,but more often than not i carry a little sample size container of this beauty in my handbag and moisterise throughout the day :).

I believe this is the first and last face powder i have ever tried. i remember walking into boots one day and thinking 'Hmm,lets try a powder'. And so i did. and i haven't felt the need to try any other powders as i love it. its the perfect colour match for me and doesn't make me look cakey. If i feel like I'm having a particularly good skin' day,ill use it on its own, other wise i use it over my foundation,which is....

No7's stay perfect foundation. Can you see a pattern forming here? ;) perfect foundation for me, not too light not too heavy. it blends like a dream and stays on pretty much all day. i cant remember the price of this exactly.. i feel like i should say around 10? but don't quote me on it ;) in summer its a shade lighter than my skin tone but now its winter its perfect. and im in shade number 05 'cream' (from what i can tell from the grubby sticker.)

Next is this bronzer from bourjois. I'm sure you've heard plenty about this product if your a beauty youtube watcher/blogger reader,so i wont say too much. i haven't got anything bad to say about this product what so ever. its the perfect colour bronzer for me,with tiny little shimmers in it that do not show up on the face which i like. plus it looks and (apparently) smells like chocolate, and whats better than makeup,and chocolate put together?!
Britney spears curious has been an all time favourite of mine for quite some time now...well about 2 years which in my books is bloody ages. it comes in a pretty blue glass bottle (picture doesn't do it justice) and smells...well,in my words like 'heaven in a bottel'. I'm absolutely awful at explaining smells,but here's what the key notes are.

The notes of the perfume are; red lychee, golden quince, kiwi, cupcake accord, jasmine petals, white chocolate, orchid, musk, orris root and sensual woods.

Now, i am a huge lipstick enthusiast,so i had a hard time choosing one. theres so many lipsticks for so many different occasions. but i decided to choose the one that could be for any occasion.As you see this lipstick is from mac and its called Speed dial,which is a cremesheen finish. This is perfect for any occasion and when i don't know what lipstick i should put on to go with my makeup etc,this is the one i always end up going for. its the only mac lipstick i have at the moment,so its pretty precious. its very moisturising on the lips and its pretty sheer if applied lightly,but can be built up to a pigmented pinky colour :)

And that,my blogger friends, is the end of my beauty faves of 2011, AND the end on 2011! i hope you all have a happy and healthy new year full of everything you'd wish for.

What did you do for new years eve? did you party hard or was you at home watching the good old new years TV like i normally am? that's what i was going to do this year as well until my best friend called at 9 to ask me round hers for a little new years party,so that's what i ended up doing.. which was amazing so I'm glad i did but I'm ill so ended up coming home at half 1.. which is when I'm writing this. haha.

Happy 2012. best wishes.

Ella martine xxxx


  1. I defiantly need to try the chocolate bronzer, but i never feel the need to buy it. I also want to try the no7 foundation, so ill defiantly try these out in the new year(:

    Great post, and happy new year!


  2. Great post, agree with nicola ^ definately want to try chocolate bronzer, I've read so many reviews now its too tempting, :)

    Happy new year. xxx

  3. Oh you both should! dosent cost too much either so its definatly worth a try! xx

  4. wow, i've heard so much about No.7 products here on blog, but never tried it. I don't know it's available in my country. any online shop?
    Rimmel is on my next foundation / powder / bronzer list so I'll give it a try. And love the almond for hands and nails, cos it has so many vitamins that are good for dry skin especially winter.

    following? :)
    I'm following!


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